Friday, April 27, 2012

I am misty. It is sad to see the end of an Era.

Mom kept us home to see the first man on the moon. We watched every thing we could about space flight. We all love science. We are all Trekers ( I know )

While we watch the last flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise lets hope we will be around for the first launch of the Starship Enterprise.

Monday, April 16, 2012

We Need Help

How do I begin...

We need help.

My wife had an accident 20 years ago when her knees were badly damaged. She has suffered 14 surgeries that kept her on her feet but are now failing to support her. She needs both knees replaced to get her back to school and back to work.

My legs have always had problems walking too far and that distance has become shorter over the last few years. Now I can't make it thru the grocery store with out pain and weakness. It may be blockage in the artery that leads to my legs. I inherited the bad cholesterol and can not take the current medications to lower it. It is getting harder to stand for long and now my left knee is swollen and painful.

We both have worked full time jobs but have never been able to afford health insurance so there is no coverage and the cost is far beyond our reach.

We are part of a wellness plan at a clinic but they can not even order an X-ray or MRI to look into the problem. They can refer us to doctors that can give us a good price for the tests but again, the cost is out of reach.

The clinic can prescribe pain medications and monitor the basics but is unable to help.

I was sent home after confirming a problem with blockage in my left corroded artery because they could not do anything more for me. 2 weeks later I had 2 mini strokes.

Neither of us can work at this point and she had to drop out of school because it became such a problem getting around. Now we are both signing up for SSI/SSD.

It seems to me that rather than spending money on medications, medical monitoring, and SSI/SSD while we suffer and can not work, that the money would be better spent on fixing the problems and getting us both back on our feet so we can work and she can finish school.

The situation is growing worse every day. It is depressing and painful to have our quality of life slow to a halt when there are ways to repair the problems.

Can someone please help?