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Morman Army Doctor supports Son and Marylands SS Marriage Bill

There were more testimonies in the House in Maryland last Friday. Among them was this man who was there in support of the marriage bill. The bill has to pass the House before it goes to the govenors desk to be signed.
Bless the supportive Parents !

TEXAS: School District Bans All Clubs In Order To Block Gay-Straight Alliance

The district would rather hurt everyone just to hurt one group. How sad. The other groups are going to blame the gays which will continue to foster hate.  Hate fosters violence. They are adding to the problem of teen depression and suicide by clearly stating that LGBT kids are not worthy of a group that offers help, safety, and guidance to gay teens and that they hate them so much that everyone has to suffer. What kind of message is that to give our kids? You are a nasty queer or encouraging hate and discrimination to bullies. It is the wrong message! Let them know they are wrong,

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A school district in Corpus Christi, Texas has banned all extracurricular clubs rather than allow the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance Club. reports:
Flour Bluff Intermediate School District's move comes after its high school gained national attention by blocking senior Bianca "Nikki" Peet's request to start a GSA. Hundreds of people have emailed the district on behalf of Peet through a petition, which was also linked to by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Texas A&M's GSA, which has been advocating for Peet, had called for a protest Monday, Feburary 28, 2011. But Flour Bluff ISD Superintendent Julie Carbajal, in comments to The Daily Caller on Friday, said that there is no chance that district will approve the purposed Gay-Straight Alliance. She also has requested that the student group Fellowship of Christian Athletes meet off campus until they can determine if they are adhering to the 2005 school policy that only student groups tied to curricula are allowed.
The school district claims they are not obligated to adhere to the federal Equal Access Law, which stipulates that schools must provide "fair opportunities for students to form student-led extracurricular groups, regardless of their religious, political and philosophical leanings."

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Lawrence O'Donnell on DOMA and the Lies from Newt and Beck

Lawrence O'Donnell is great as he calls out Glen Beck and Newt Gingrich. He make some great points as well as spells out just what Obama and the DOJ are doing with DOMA.

NEW YORK: Gay Man Wins Landmark Suit To Inherit Late Husband's Estate

This is good news for many reasons. Not only does this man get treated fairly but it sets up the argument for others in the same situation. Because of the patchwork of state laws and failure of the federal government to recognize same sex marriages, when a loved one dies there are no protections for the survivor. Often they lose everything because of inheritance taxes, no Social Security benefits or retirement, and often the other family takes everything.

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A New York state appeals court has ruled that a gay man married in Canada has the right to inherit the estate of his late husband, despite claims by the husband's family that their marriage was invalid.
While same-sex couples can't wed in the state, J. Craig Leiby and H. Kenneth Ranftle were legally married in Canada, so Leiby is entitled to recognition as the surviving spouse in a dispute over Ranftle's estate, the appellate judges said. Ranftle died Nov. 1, 2008. His brother Richard contested the will and challenged the legitimacy of the marriage, saying it violated state policy.But the state Supreme Court's Appellate Division wrote, "New York's long-settled marriage recognition rule affords [recognition] to out-of-state marriages" that are valid where they are made.

Does the Department of Justice HAVE to Defend Every Law?

One head line this morning was that serial adulterer Newt Gingrich wants to impeach Obama for not defending section 3 of the Defence of Marriage Act which states that the federal government defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.
His rant when on to say,  "His job is to enforce the rule of law and for us to start replacing the rule of law with the rule of Obama is a very dangerous precedent.".

 Well I had a feeling he was wrong and so did many others so it did not take long to find examples of when the DOJ has refused to defend other laws.
It is tactics like this that are abused by some to misinform people about issues to sway them to their side. Newt maybe running for president in 2012 and I would not want a 3 time adulterer and misinformer to be running the country.

This is part of a larger article that best answered my questions.

Exerpt from Queerty

Then how come the Justice Department's history is riddled with examples of this "defend laws at all costs" mantra … not being true?

In fact, the very man who argued DoJ doesn't have to defend every law on the books is a man named John Roberts. You might know him, now, as the chief justice of the Supreme Court. But back in 1990, when he was a DoJ attorney, Roberts "was the point person in the Office of the Solicitor General in 1990 when that office decided not to defend the constitutionality of federal statutes that required minority preferences in broadcast licensing," wrote former Clinton administration DoJ counsel Marty Lederman in 2005; Lederman is now a deputy assistant attorney general to President Obama. Continues Lederman (read this):
As a general matter, the Department has traditionally adhered to a policy of defending the constitutionality of federal enactments whenever "reasonable" arguments can be made in support of such statutes — i.e., whenever the constitutionality of the law is not fairly precluded by clear constitutional language or governing Supreme Court case law. This practice has been predicated on the notion that because the political branches — the Congress that voted for the law and the President who signed it — have already concluded that the statute was constitutional, it would be inappropriate for DOJ lawyers to take it upon themselves to reject the constitutional judgment shared by the President and the legislature.
There are, however, historical exceptions to this general practice. Almost all of the exceptions fall into one of three categories. The first category is cases in which intervening Supreme Court decisions have rendered the defense of the statute untenable. This category isn't really an "exception" to the "rule" as much as it is an illustration of how the rule operates in practice: The newly governing Supreme Court decision eliminates any reasonable argument that might have been made in the statute's defense, other than asking the Court to overrule its governing precedent (a tactic that the SG very rarely employs, but that is not unheard of, as in the second flag-burning case (Eichman), and in Agostini v. Felton). The second category involves statutes that in DOJ's view infringe the constitutional powers of the President himself (e.g., Chadha; Bowsher v. Synar). The third, and smallest, category involves statutes that the President has publicly condemned as unconstitutional. The most famous such case was probably U.S. v. Lovett, in 1946. More recently, after the first President Bush vetoed the "must-carry" provisions of a cable television bill on constitutional grounds and Congress overrode the veto, the Bush (41) Administration declined to defend the constitutionality of the must-carry provisions. (The Clinton Administration reversed this decision and subsequently prevailed in its defense of the law in the Supreme Court in the Turner Broadcasting litigation.)

We're All Right

We're All Right

This is a cool new site at the Human Rights Campain for kids with gay parents to up load videos of how their lives are just the same as str8 families. There is a video made by that great kid Zach Wahls that stood up for his Moms in Iowa.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Sample of the News



Alan Keyes: Allowing Gays To Marry Is Like Granting The Right To Own Slaves

I think the headline speaks for its self.

Family Research Council Issues DOMA Bulletin For Distribution By Churches

They are a hate group telling lies to their sheep to fuel a war they started. 

Tony Perkins: Obama Conspired With Ted Olson On Timing Of DOMA Decision

Olson  is ready for anything. It is called being a good lawyer.

Mike Huckabee: I Hate Everything In The Entire World To Do With Gay People

There are over 100 comments. Watch the video and  let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Guy Should Be on the Hate List Too

I have read many things by this poor guy and he needs to visit one of those recovery programs that un-brainwash cult members. Everything he says here is so wrong.....

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Eugene Delguadio

"Could I have stood by and watched as Radical Homosexuals spread lies and deceit about their true goals? Who else would have exposed the truth about the 'gay' agenda? These people admit that they want to molest our children. They admit that they want special rights that no American has. They admit that they want to infiltrate and weaken our military’s moral fiber. They admit that they want complete control over the national law enforcement apparatus. They admit that they’re deviants.

"But now, my friend, I need to count on you. I absolutely must raise $107,372.19 in the next 25 days to pay past bills and keep programs going. I need to be able to count on you for a special gift of $50 or more. Can I count on you? If I am not able to raise the money, I don’t know what I will do. I don’t know how I can keep fighting. Without you, it will be impossible to hold off the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Classrooms Act or the Entry for Alien Homosexuals Bill. Without immediate help, how can Public Advocate fight to keep children safe in school from lustful deviants?" - Eugene Delguadio, Public Advocate for the United States, who says that if the evil homosexuals find out about his debts, they will destroy him. So send money.

Bryan Fischer: Nothing In The Constitution Says We Cannot Hate Homosexuals

 The American Family Ass.(es) Bryan Fischer is heard by about 2 million people daily and they believe this shit.
He has figured out how to make the AFA the victim again.
The constitution is set up so it should not be used to discriminate. Obama, the DOJ, and Arnold all used a seldom used clause that allows them to refuse to defend a law that is found to be unconstitutional. Times change and so does the law to help protect the civil rights of the citizens.
Bryan speaks as if a law is passed then it is carved in stone. Funny how his org. is in the business of changing or canceling laws they don't like.
You are correct that there is nothing in the constitution that says you cannot hate Homos.....YET .

Mandated Paid Holidays By Nation

The  chart below depicts the number of paid holidays and vacation days legally mandated by the world's 21 richest nations. The labor movement is completely out of control in America!

Wow! So Much Happened Yesterday.......

Most of you know I am an artist and when I get started on a project I am like a dog with a juicy bone. I can't let go until it is finished. Yesterday was full of great news if you are LGBT or PFLAG. Not so great if you are not.
Here are some highlights.....

Maryland  Senate advanced legislation by a 25 to 22 vote yesterday in favor of same sex marriage. They only needed 24 votes to pass. The final vote could come as soon as today making Maryland the 6th state and DC to have gay marriage.

Hawaii's new Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed the civil unions bill into law allowing same sex and opposite sex couples civil unions with all the perks of marriage making them the 7th in the nation to have civil unions. Just last year the Hawaii's twice-divorced Republican Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed that bill supposedly to "protect" traditional marriage.

The Department of Justice has found the Defence of Marriage Act ( DOMA) to be unconstitutional and will not be defending DOMA in court any longer. While Obama has wavered on the subject of gay marriage he agrees DOMA is wrong as well.
Even though the DOJ will not be defending DOMA in court, it will take an act of Congress to strike it down and that will take some time but it is a HUGE step in the right direction.
Keep in mind that it was an act of Congress that allowed for gay marriage in DC.

All of this has the opposition in an uproar as you can imagine. Here is what the Hate Groups and their "friends" had to say about it.....

"Prospective 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has slammed President Obama's decision on DOMA, saying that dirty queers are behind the nation's crisis of deadbeat dads." If anyone can explain what one has to do with the other, please let me know.

 Family Research Council, "This decision by President Obama and the Department of Justice is appalling. The President's failure to defend DOMA is also a failure to fulfill his oath to 'faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.'

Liberty Counsel,"Today President Obama has abandoned his role as President of the United States and transformed his office into the President of the Divided States. He has been the most divisive president in American history."

NOM, “We have not yet begun to fight for marriage. The Democrats are responding to their election loss with a series of extraordinary, extra-constitutional end runs around democracy, whether it’s fleeing the state in Wisconsin and Indiana to prevent a vote, or unilaterally declaring homosexuals a protected class under our Constitution, as President Obama just did." ( Goddess forbid gays are protected from the likes of NOM.)

House Speaker John Boehner's spokesman just issued this terse statement: "While Americans want Washington to focus on creating jobs and cutting spending, the President will have to explain why he thinks now is the appropriate time to stir up a controversial issue that sharply divides the nation."
Mr. Boehner, Americans do want Washington to focus on creating jobs and cutting spending but that is not what the Republicans are doing. They are busy trying to tell women how and when to have children and see to it that the LGBT population remains second class citizens with no protections against discrimination.

The patchwork of anti-discrimination laws and same sex marriage makes it difficult for the 1 in 8 Americans that fall under the LGBT umbrella. It is about time the federal government did something about it. Passing the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) and repealing DOMA would end the hardships so many have to suffer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking News on DOMA !

This is great news. The Department of Justice will stop defending DOMA !!!

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Statement of the Attorney General on Litigation Involving the Defense of Marriage Act
WASHINGTON - The Attorney General made the following statement today about the Department's course of action in two lawsuits, Pedersen v. OPM and Windsor v. United States, challenging Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage for federal purposes as only between a man and a woman:
In the two years since this Administration took office, the Department of Justice has defended Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act on several occasions in federal court.   Each of those cases evaluating Section 3 was considered in jurisdictions in which binding circuit court precedents hold that laws singling out people based on sexual orientation, as DOMA does, are constitutional if there is a rational basis for their enactment.   While the President opposes DOMA and believes it should be repealed, the Department has defended it in court because we were able to advance reasonable arguments under that rational basis standard.  
Section 3 of DOMA has now been challenged in the Second Circuit, however, which has no established or binding standard for how laws concerning sexual orientation should be treated.   In these cases, the Administration faces for the first time the question of whether laws regarding sexual orientation are subject to the more permissive standard of review or whether a more rigorous standard, under which laws targeting minority groups with a history of discrimination are viewed with suspicion by the courts, should apply.
After careful consideration, including a review of my recommendation, the President has concluded that given a number of factors, including a documented history of discrimination, classifications based on sexual orientation should be subject to a more heightened standard of scrutiny.   The President has also concluded that Section 3 of DOMA, as applied to legally married same-sex couples, fails to meet that standard and is therefore unconstitutional.   Given that conclusion, the President has instructed the Department not to defend the statute in such cases.   I fully concur with the President's determination.
Consequently, the Department will not defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of DOMA as applied to same-sex married couples in the two cases filed in the Second Circuit.   We will, however, remain parties to the cases and continue to represent the interests of the United States throughout the litigation.   I have informed Members of Congress of this decision, so Members who wish to defend the statute may pursue that option.   The Department will also work closely with the courts to ensure that Congress has a full and fair opportunity to participate in pending litigation.  
Furthermore, pursuant to the President ' s instructions, and upon further notification to Congress, I will instruct Department attorneys to advise courts in other pending DOMA litigation of the President's and my conclusions that a heightened standard should apply, that Section 3 is unconstitutional under that standard and that the Department will cease defense of Section 3.
The Department has a longstanding practice of defending the constitutionality of duly-enacted statutes if reasonable arguments can be made in their defense.   At the same time, the Department in the past has declined to defend statutes despite the availability of professionally responsible arguments, in part because - as here - the Department does not consider every such argument to be a "reasonable" one.   Moreover, the Department has declined to defend a statute in cases, like this one, where the President has concluded that the statute is unconstitutional.  
Much of the legal landscape has changed in the 15 years since Congress passed DOMA.   The Supreme Court has ruled that laws criminalizing homosexual conduct are unconstitutional.   Congress has repealed the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.   Several lower courts have ruled DOMA itself to be unconstitutional.   Section 3 of DOMA will continue to remain in effect unless Congress repeals it or there is a final judicial finding that strikes it down, and the President has informed me that the Executive Branch will continue to enforce the law.   But while both the wisdom and the legality of Section 3 of DOMA will continue to be the subject of both extensive litigation and public debate, this Administration will no longer assert its constitutionality in court.

Old Rock Star Songs

This is very funny.  You will know every song.

What is going on with the GOP?
Before they gained control of the House and Senate in the federal and many state governments, they claimed they were going to work on the economy and jobs. That is not what they are doing.
All over the USA the GOP is busy fighting abortion and LGBT rights. Crazy bills are being proposed and some are passing.

MONTANA: Bill To Ban All Local LGBT Rights Passes House 60-39

NORTH CAROLINA: 23 GOP State Pols Sponsor Ballot Ban On LGBT Unions

Even though Planned Parenthood has been long banned from using any of its federal money for abortions, today the GOP led a lopsided vote to completely defund the agency. The vote was 240-185 with ten Democrats siding with the GOP.

VIRGINIA: House Committee Denies LGBT Employment And Health Benefits Bills

GEORGIA: Wingnut GOP Rep Wants Police To Investigate All Miscarriages

I read several papers and watch many different news channels and have yet to here about what the GOP is doing for the job market or the economy. The abortion issue has been going on for 30 years or more and frankly it is legal to have one. If they outlawed abortion, women would just go back to the unsafe ways of back ally doctors or doing it them selves.

As for LGBT rights. You all know where I stand. It does not hurt anyone to have anti-discrimination laws or does it hurt anyone that we get married. It does hurt when you take them back.

The GOP used the filibuster more since Obama became president than all other times combined. They stopped or stalled everything the Dems purposed. They don't like "Obamacare" but offered nothing to change or fix it.

They claim they want less government but want to put their nose where it does not belong.

Some of the GOP's are NUTS!! And they want to run for president?! What has my country come to?

Pat Robertson's Faith Healing

Here is a guy that underwent a 10 hour heart surgery but believes that Jesus will heal the sick and even bring a dead baby back to life. I bet he made a pile of money from these poor sheep.

MONTANA: Bill To Ban All Local LGBT Rights Passes House 60-39

This is sick! Discrimination is wrong in every form and these people just said it is ok to take protections away. Every person should have the right to work and have a home. Without these protections the LGBT population will face hardships that most do not even think about.
How would they like it if they had to worry about keeping their job or finding a place to live.
Shame on the leaders of Montana.

Montana's House yesterday voted 60-39 to approve Rep. Kristin Hansen's bill to ban all local LGBT rights ordinances in the state.
The House took the first steps Tuesday toward striking down Missoula's 2010 ordinance that bans discrimination against city residents based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Missoula's Democratic legislators were infuriated by the passage of House Bill 516, by Rep. Kristin Hansen, R-Havre. Her bill passed 60-39 and faces a final House vote before heading to the Senate. Sixty Republicans voted for it. All 32 Democrats voted opposed it, joined by seven Republicans. One Republican was absent.
Rep. Sue Malek (D-Missoula) denounced the bill: "Leave us alone. Leave us alone. For heaven's sake. We're one little town in a corner of Montana that has nothing to do with you. You know, I mean, why can't you let people live like they need to live their lives. Why can't they love who they want to love? Why? I don't understand it."

'They Should Have Shot Them All' - 30 Years of Radical Righters Who Incite Murder

'They Should Have Shot Them All' - 30 Years of Radical Righters Who Incite Murder

Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren

This is very interesting but a little long. I highly recommend reading this. Just click on the link above.

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Should They Keep Fighting?

Tom Krattenmaker, author of "Onward Christian Athletes" asks the inevitable question, "On gay rights, should conservative Christians keep fighting?"
You get the sense, observing the shifting cultural landscape, that we've reached a point on gay rights that is similar to that moment in a football game, or an election, or a relationship, when you know it's over even though it's not over.

It appears increasingly obvious that social acceptance of gay men and lesbians and insistence on their equal rights are inexorable. If the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" weren't enough to signal the turning point, or the classification of several gay-resisting Christian right organizations as "hate groups" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, there came news that Exodus International was ending its involvement in the anti-homosexuality "Day of Truth" in U.S. high schools. "We need to equip kids to live out biblical tolerance and grace," Exodus President Alan Chambers explained, "while treating their neighbors as they'd like to be treated, whether we agree with them or not."

Add it up, and you see a decision point at hand for socially conservative Christian groups such as the Family Research Council that have led resistance to gay rights. Do they fight to the last ditch, continue shouting the anti-gay rhetoric that rings false and mean to the many Americans who live and work with gay people, or who themselves are gay? Or do they soften their tone and turn their attention to other fronts?
Well, I say "Take all that energy and money and put it to good use else where."
"Treating their neighbors as they'd like to be treated" never ended with " whether we agree with them or not." I treat everyone with dignity and respect until they do something to me to deserve otherwise. It is not my place to say what is good or bad to believe in as long as it does not hurt others or me.

I have no problem with the bible as a very good book for many reasons. Jesus is on my list of people I would like to have dinner with.  I don't have to many problems with most holy books of many faiths in that all say the same basic thing, all have some great stories, they all want us to search ourselves to be a better person, and they all have stuff that is outdated and cruel.
It is when people pick it apart and decide what to live by and what to ignore where things start getting sticky.

Long story short.......The printing press was developed to put a Bible on every table....Good idea at first.....People learn to read, books are shared, people share ideas....Bible gets questioned and....TaDa!.... we now have different interpretations ..... the book it's self is translated over and over with words that have changed over a long time .......... you have a zillion copies with as many views of the same basic thing and ....EACH ONE IS THE TRUE ONE. They even have disputes within their own ranks as well as some of their very powerful falling from grace.

 We are a nation of humans that came to this land to have a better life. We created the basic rules and worked very hard. We invite all those who want to contribute and help built the greatest nation in the world.  We are a nation made up of some of the best in the world and they come from every culture and religion.

A few branches of the Bible interpreters feel the need to control the secular law as well as Gods law and this is causing a great deal of friction.  How can some think that the rules that guide us all should be limited to one religions rules when all religions live here?  How can anybody ignore the facts that science has to offer explaining so much about ourselves and our earth? Facts are facts and one can't pick and choose which ones to believe.

It has come to a point when the few who want to impose their beliefs on the whole have to realize they are wasting their time. The more they twist the facts and beat their Bibles, the more they are proving our case of facts.

We exist, we have families and children, we need our jobs and homes, we need them to be safe from discrimination, we need and deserve the same securities that every other American has. Illegal immigrants have more securities than us.

Are we going to continue to listen to and support groups that spread hate?  Are we going to vote for and support leaders that WANT to discriminate against anybody?

That is not the American way. It is not the HUMAN way.


MONTANA: Tea Party Rep Introduces Bill Overturning All Local LGBT Rights

What a bunch of.....I don't know what to call them or this.
How would you feel if your basic right to walk freely down the street, find somewhere to live, and have a job was threatened? Not is it only can they outright discriminate against you, deny services, kick you out, and fire you, but the preacher all but gave them permission to kill you just because you are gay or even perceived to be gay.

How many beaten or dead LGBT people are considered collateral damage in the name of the (perceived) greater good?

This is America and we don't give protections and then take them back. Try taking back one of their rights and see what happens.

People like this are fueling the "culture war". I don't want things to come to blows or riots in the street. All we want is to get along and have the same rights as the rest of the country.We want the people to work together and learn. They want us dead or gone and live every day in anger and fear. I feel sorry for them for hating something so much it runs their lives and they will lose in the end. Education and understanding will always lead the way to peace.

We did not declare this "war" but we will fight for freedom and win. The hardest part of war is the mourning the ones that had to fall.

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Tea Party-backed Montana GOP Rep. Kristen Hansen has introduced a bill that would overturn all local LGBT rights laws in the state. The bill "limits all local rights ordinances to state-protected classes" of people. Montana House Bill 516. Via Montana Capitol Report, we learn that GOP lawmakers refused to allow opponents of the bill to be heard, even though anti-gay activists were heard from, including one pastor that called for the death penalty for homosexuality.
Opponents of the measure came from across the state to testify. Unfortunately, the Republican majority on the committee attempted to limit testimony on both sides of the issue to ten minutes. Democrats on the committee objected and even presented rules that require the public be able to at least verbally state their opposition to the bill. The Republicans on the committee ignored the rules, and refused to let opponents of the bill testify. In response to the GOP actions, Rep. Diane Sands (D-Missoula) took to reading the names of every opponent (all 50+) of the measure and asked them to stand and be acknowledged. After the hearing, opponents of the measure held their own hearing, next to the statue of Rep. Jeannette Rankin, where they allowed all of the opponents of the measure speak and be heard. During this informal hearing, Sen. Carol Williams and other Democratic lawmakers showed up to show their frustrations with the treatment of these Montanans that simply wanted to be heard.
The above-linked story notes that other recent Montana bills allow cities to form local militias, call for the withdrawal from the United Nations, and allow for the carrying of handguns into banks and churches.

VIDEO: Pastor Harris Himes explains that homosexuality is an abomination worthy of being put to death and therefore gay people should not be rented homes in Montana.

VIDEO: After the hearing, Democrats gathered in a hallway to denounce having been shut out of the debate.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Going After the Indiana legislature


I think this is a good thing. I am over people who judge others and pass laws that hurt families when they are hiding  things themselves. 

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Working: My Campaign Is Taking Off

Filed by: Bil Browning

February 18, 2011 11:00 AM

Not only has my call to expose the dirty underbelly of the Indiana legislature been covered by most major LGBT blogs and publications, it's also making local news. CBS's political reporter, Jim Shella, wrote about it on his blog, the topic lit up this week's talk radio, and yesterday I did a Skype interview with the local Fox affiliate.

V Day Across the Globe

Across the country LGBT couples went to apply for a marriage license. Here is a peek from across  the   globe     

Fischer Means What He Says

Bryan Fischer wants everyone of  the estimated daily audience of two million to know that he means every word when he says.  His brand of hate is even scaring other Christians away.
 Some of Bryan Fischer's outrageous statements include, that homosexuals should be round up and put in concentration camps, or that Satan himself is behind animus towards Sarah Palin, or that Native Americans should have no right to own land because they've rejected Jesus Christ. Fischer's show is heard on 200+ radio stations in the American Family Association network .  That  scares me.

Dem Rep Gets Death Threat For Saying Pentagon Shouldn't Sponsor NASCAR



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After Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) suggested cutting Pentagon sponsorship of NASCAR events, she received the above fax.
"We alerted Capitol Police this morning after we got the fax," Maria Reppas, communications director for McCollum, said. "We leave it to them to determine the threat level for pieces of correspondence such as this." McCollum's proposal seeks to ban the military from spending taxpayer money on racing sponsorships. Currently, the Army sponsors a car in the NASCAR's Sprint Cup series to the tune of about $7 million per year. McCollum contends that money -- which NASCAR says helps boost Army recruiting -- is wasted. Since announcing the proposal, McCollum's office has received more than a few calls from irate NASCAR fans upset at what they perceive as a slight against their sport. "We've had calls," Bill Harper, McCollum's Chief of Staff, told TPM. "Lots of Mississippi people, North Carolina people. We had a Florida person." Asked what the callers say, Harper replied, "'Get your hands off my NASCAR', mostly."
Abolish funding for the arts, abolish the Department of Education. But if you dare take a $7M sticker off NASCAR vehicles, you deserve to die. Everybody got that?

You Are Beautiful.. Pass it on

Covering the Hate with Love

From the UK come a great way to battle the  hate.   The poster below was put up all  over the east end of London. 
"Wendy Richardson, an actor who lives in Hackney, says she and four friends will meet on Friday to cover the stickers with messages of love.
The group plans to use quotes from writers Anais Nin, Anne Frank, Coretta Scott-King and Rikki Beadle-Blair to spread the word.
Ms Richardson said she had informed local police of her plan."
The stickers were placed around the East End

Great Kid on Ellen


Things are looking  good for us in Maryland. After  9  hours of  testimony last week where some minds were  changed, the vote of  7 to 4 was better than we  hoped.


Maryland’s LGBT Group Pledges to Keep up the Fight

ANNAPOLIS, FEBRUARY 17, 2011 - The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted 7-4 to favorably report the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB 116) today. This legislation would end the exclusion of committed gay and lesbian couples from marriage. This is the first time the legislation has passed committee and is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate next week.

Statement from Long-Time Champion of LGBT Rights, Senator Richard Madaleno (District 18):

“It is time to provide equal rights under state law to all individuals, including same-sex couples, who seek a marriage license in Maryland. No one can argue that the capacity and bond of love is any different between heterosexual couples and same-sex couples. It is time that the rights already enjoyed by many who can obtain a marriage license in Maryland are enjoyed by all regardless of gender and sexual orientation. We moved one step closer to full marriage equality today."
Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Executive Director of Equality Maryland released the following statement upon hearing the vote count:

“This is a historic day for all loving and committed gay and lesbian couples throughout the Free State. For the first time in Maryland’s history, we’ve cleared the committee vote which has stalled efforts for marriage equality in previous years. "We know that momentum is swiftly moving for the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges to be extended to gay and lesbian couples through civil marriage. Very soon our families will be provided with the same respect and protections as all other families.

As we look toward the Senate vote, we urge all lawmakers to think about the love and commitment they share with their partners and extend those same rights to those of us who are looking for recognition of our love from Maryland.”

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good News for USAF Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach

This guy is a real hero. I have been watching from the beginning. This man has done so much to serve his country. The first time I watched him and listened to his story I cried. I am truly happy for him.

Unfortunatly, full earned benifits are not being given to those who were also "seperated" from service under  DADT. The government and instutions are demanding money back for training and education. Most only recieve half of what they should be in pay.

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USAF Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach To Retire With Full Rank And Pension

Openly gay Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach has been advised that he will be allowed to retire in October with his full rank and pension intact. The Air Force didn't ask and Fehrenbach didn't tell, but he was outed in 2008 by a man he met online. His case highlighted the idiocy of DADT.
"It was a great sense of relief. I didn't expect it," said Fehrenbach, 41, a 1991 University of Notre Dame graduate, in a telephone interview Tuesday from Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. For nearly three years, Fehrenbach has been in a battle to save his career because of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy — a policy that was overturned in late 2010. With no further explanation, the military in January sent Fehrenbach new orders: Effective Sept. 30, he will be retired from active duty at his current rank and with his pension. He'll serve out the remaining months of his military duty at his current desk job at the base in Idaho.
A highly-decorated F-15 fighter pilot, Fehrenbach flew numerous combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. Upon his retirement this fall, he plans to write a book.

Quote Of The Day - Maggie Gallagher

This drivel comes from a blob who does not use her husbands name or wears a ring half the time. She is on the road saving  marriage from da gay most of the time so she is not with her husband much. ( I think she is a big old lesbian hiding in a frumpy housewife.)

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Learn more about this and related topics by clicking on any link below thanks to Joe.

"To me, it’s amazing, given the array of forces pushing for gay marriage and the weak response of most conservative politicians, that the American people have stubbornly dug in their heels on this question: Are two men in a union a marriage? The answer is 'no,' and people really do know it. Marriage is the union of husband and wife — for a reason. Creating a world where people are treated like haters or bigots for standing for marriage is irrational, and people know that, too. An America in which Genesis is akin to racism is an America that will be unrecognizable. Ideas have consequences, and this idea cuts us off from our roots and makes the future much harder."- Maggie Gallagher, who adds that thanks to Maryland's referendum process, NOM is "going to win there, one way or another."

Great Cat Video

I had one that would leave 2 or 3 dead animals every day in his prime.

Gays war against Christianity, says prominent 'culture war' Knight

This is a great piece and I hope you like it as well. Keep in mind the 100's of millions dollars spent on this "Culture War" that could be put to much better use. This man and more like him dump lots of money into a "war" we don't want.

I underlined a few things in Mr. Knight's piece.
I do not need challenged or punished. I am challenged every day when I leave my home. My home was not always safe either. Some are being burned out of their homes. I just want to be treated like everyone else with the same government sanctions.
As for resisting temptation and overcoming it, Real science and many studies have proven that no one can change their orientation and trying to can be very detrimental and damaging.  I will NOT resign to being alone either. I am a human with the same needs for family and a spouse and I will no long hide from myself or anyone else. That closet is full of old baggage.

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Robert Knight will once again tell us who we are, what we want, and why we do what we do:
"Like other terms that swiftly achieve common usage, “sexual orientation” is rarely examined. Yet “sexual orientation” is more than a neutral term that can be used to describe anyone’s sexual inclinations. It is a radical challenge to the beliefs of all major Robert-Knightreligious faiths because it attacks the notion that sexual behavior has moral dimensions. It especially challenges Christianity.

The underlying concept of “sexual orientation” is that all sexual behavior is equally valid and equally valuable to society. There are no good choices or bad choices, just desires. “Sexual orientation” laws are the legal embodiment of the old ’60s slogan, “If it feels good, do it.” However, the orthodox Christian view is that people who embrace sinful behavior as an identity are to be challenged like any other sinner, and they should be assisted in resisting temptation and overcoming it. They are to be encouraged to repent and avail themselves of the healing power of Jesus Christ. “Empowering” a particular sin serves only to trap sinners and encourages them to continue practicing their sinful behavior. That is why "supporting “gay rights” based on the relativist notion of “sexual orientation” is the opposite of Christian compassion, however well meant.

Over the past 90 years, a steady campaign has unfolded to overthrow Christian morality and replace it with an amorality that says desires in and of themselves validate behavior. It has been advanced largely by hijacking the rubric and moral capital of the black civil rights movement and attempting to apply such rhetoric to gain support for same-sex behavior. The political Left has long been at war against sexual morals for strategic reasons.
Robert H. Knight, How the Concept of “Sexual Orientation” Threatens Religious Liberty, 4 Liberty University Law Review
[ADF Alert]
Uhm, Mr. Knight: "Sexual orientation" is not a mere term. It's not political rhetoric. Sexual orientation is science. Is research. Is truth about the human condition's full spectrum.
Sexual orientation isn't an "If it feels good, do it" notion. Instead, it is an "If it *is* you, live it" reality. So it's one thing to choose religious beliefs that both see and bring problems to certain people on the basis of their relational cores (a.k.a. sexual orientations). But these anti-[certain citizens] theological convictions must deal with the world as it actually exists, not vice versa. And of course civil government must deal with this actuality free from church interference.
Does supporting rights based on scientifically-recognized sexual orientation free from some people's personal faith (and in ways that fully match pro-gay people's faith beliefs) constitute an attempt "to overthrow Christian morality and replace it with an amorality that says desires in and of themselves validate behavior"? Of course not! The truth is that folks like Robert Knight have, for decades, been using their own cherry-picked sense of what is and is not kosher under Christian moral code (incidentally: non-kosher food is totally fine) to replace America's actual range of citizenship with only a limited span, all of whom agree to sidle whole hog onto the religious right's own myopic vision. The anti-LGBT throngs' constant message: That everyone else must deny their own feelings, beliefs, and learned interpretations of constitutional law, so as to allow "pro-family" values an unfettered reign. Which for LGBT people always boils down to either living a fake life or losing fair and equal citizenship. Which for both LGBT people and allies means a denial of their own morality (or even the possibility that such people could have moral compasses).
So who's really been on the strategic path in this country? Is it (1) those who've fostered better understanding of the world's diverse people and connected dots about how and why all humans can and should coexist civilly and peacefully; or (2) the crowd that's undertaken a complex, highly financed, extremely (even admirably) tactical, decidedly code word-laden "culture war" against supposed undesirables? Because from where we sit, we see one side that would give anything to stop fighting and simply live, and another, highly-motivated crew that refuses to let that easy reality come to pass. We see a war that we never wanted or declared, but are now conscience-bound to fight.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 Year Old Understands

A cheque was accompanied by a hand written note that read: “I am sending you this money because I don’t think it’s fair that Gay people are not treated equally.”

A note from the boy’s mother said: “To teach the importance of improving the world around him, Malcolm was given $140 to give away to the charity of his choice.
After hearing a story on the radio about the mistreatment of gays and lesbians,
Malcolm became both upset and curious about the issue…to help, he chose to split his money between the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.”

About Humanity and equality a 7 year old boy understands it, but we older people are not ready to accept them.
Its great that he has not donated religious cause but he has donated towards humanity and equality.

Asking for a Marriage License

Yesterday across the country, gay and lesbian couples went to their local office to file for a marriage license. For most of them this was what happened.
Each year for the last 10 years, the LGBT community has stood out in the cold for the right to marry the one they love knowing they will be turned down.  Each year the crowd gets larger and more allies join the party... We all look forward to the day when we won't have to do this and the answer to the question will be...."Sure. here is the paperwork".

Make It Better Project

The "It Gets Better" project has been a wonderful way for us to let the kids know that life gets better when they grow up. I have made a few videos myself but always wished I could do more.
These kids don't want to wait and are doing something now. They started "Make It Better" by offering tools and ideas to make a change in their schools now. They have videos on youtube and a great web site at
This is how things get better. Help them be the change we need to make the world a better place for everyone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grandma For Gay Rights!

Don't ya just want to hug her!

Gay Teacher, District Reach $75K Settlement

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Beaverton School District has agreed to pay $75,000 to a gay student teacher who was removed from his job several months ago.
Lawyers for Seth Stambaugh and district officials jointly announced the resolution Friday.
Litigation was taken off the table as part of the agreement and the district “will provide leadership training concerning issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”
Stambaugh was reassigned after he had a conversation about sexual orientation with a fourth-grade student at Sexton Mountain Elementary School.
Stambaugh accused the district of discrimination for its response after parents complained about the conversation where a student asked if Stambaugh was married.
In the conversation, Stambaugh said no. Then the student asked if it was because he wasn’t old enough and Stambaugh said no, it was because he would want to marry a man and that’s illegal.
District officials said the conversation wasn’t age-appropriate and that it raised questions about his professional judgment.
Stambaugh was given his job back in October.
District leaders say this has been a learning experience, but they are looking forward to the future.
"As an organization, we want to move forward and be better at being more inclusive and more open and more accepting of our differences,” says Maureen Wheeler, Beaverton schools spokeswoman.

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Testify: How About a 'Do No Harm' Amendment?


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This is Awesome.

Testify: How About a 'Do No Harm' Amendment?

Filed by: Guest Blogger

February 13, 2011 1:00 PM

Editors' Note: Guest blogger Patrick Roth is currently a stay at home dad living in Indianapolis with his husband, Wade, daughter, Rosy, and exchange student, Julia. He gave the following testimony in front of the Indiana House committee considering a marriage amendment; the amendment passed for consideration by the full House.
PatrickRoth.jpgI am a resident of Indianapolis, and I have spent much of my life in Indiana. I am a graduate of Franklin Central High School and Butler University. I am President of my condominium association and have served the last two years as President of the Fall Creek Place Homeowner's Association. I still serve on the Board of Directors of both Associations.
I am married to Wade Holmes. He has lived and worked his entire life in Indiana. He works just a couple of blocks away at Exact Target, one of the shining stars of the Indiana business community. A company, by the way, that sees the value of all its employees and offers domestic partner benefits. We own two homes in Indianapolis, in Fall Creek Place, an award winning community and nationally recognized as one of the best examples of urban renewal in the country. We helped to make that community successful by contributing our time, our commitment and our money into it. My husband is also block captain of our crime watch committee.
We are the proud parents of a soon to be 13 year old girl, whom we've raised since she was three weeks old. She goes to St. Joan of Arc school. We are also currently hosting a 16 year old German exchange student who is attending Broad Ripple High School. We do volunteer work at our daughters' school and in our community.
We contribute a significant amount in income, property and sales taxes to the state of Indiana. We vote - we vote - in every election. I tell you all this because we are, I believe, the epitome of what makes a successful society - we are law-abiding, concerned, involved members of our community with a happy, stable family.
I call Wade my husband because he is. More than six years ago, we flew over 2400 miles to Vancouver, Canada to get married. We did that because we couldn't do it in our own country, which we love very much.
Sadly, we're not considered married by the state of Indiana. In fact, we are considered legal strangers to one another. We have wills, power of attorneys, health directives - everything we can to legally protect our family in the event of one of our deaths. But those documents can only go so far. When we file our taxes, we have to lie to the state and to the federal government and say we are single.
Do you know that we could live together in our home for next forty years, but if the current laws stay the way they are, or if, God forbid, you pass this piece of legislation, when one of us does eventually die, the other will have to pay taxes on half the value of that house that we jointly paid for? That is because the state and federal governments consider us legal strangers to one another. Yes, complete legal strangers.
This amendment you are discussing would add bold, blatant discrimination to the constitution of the state of Indiana. Let's not beat around the bush; let's not use Orwellian euphemisms here. This legislation doesn't do anything for anyone. It will, however, hurt a great number of your neighbors, of your co-workers, of your voters and of your family.
This Amendment will not strengthen anyone's marriage. It will not support anyone's family. It will not protect anyone's children - from anything. What it will do is tell the people of Indiana that it's okay to discriminate against some of its citizens. It will tell them that it's okay to have different classes of citizens, that some are better than others. You would be enshrining in our constitution an arrogant, hateful belief that some are deserving of something that others are not.
I think worst of all, if you support this amendment, you would be telling my child that some families are better than hers. And that is probably the most hurtful and hateful part of this.
I couldn't even begin to make you understand how I would feel if this amendment were made law - how every gay person in this state, every one of their family members, every one of their friends would feel. It would be like being stabbed in the back by your own best friend. That's the best analogy I can give you.
I'm a pretty bottom-line kind of guy. I speak the truth and I speak it freely. What you are considering here is pandering to a very small, very vocal, part of our community. And you would be doing it at the expense of an entire other group of the very same community.
It is wrong. It is discriminatory. It is nothing short of vile and hateful.
You would be doing nothing good for any part of our society, but you would be doing something very hurtful and detrimental to a good part of it. You would be telling me and my family, and all our friends and family, that we are not welcome here. You would be telling all of America that anyone gay or gay-supporting is not welcome in Indiana.
You would be hurting our business community by making Indiana look like a less desirable place to live and work. Any way you look at it, this proposed legislation would harm people right and left, while helping no one. No one.
If you really want to amend the constitution of the great state of Indiana, why not this? Scrap this proposed amendment entirely, and put it its place an amendment that states simply and clearly:
"The Legislature shall pass no laws, nor make any Amendments, that do harm to any group in Society, while doing no good for any other."
That would be an amendment we could all support wholeheartedly.
Do not support this currently proposed amendment. Do not insult us by calling it protection of marriage. Do not try to fool us by claiming to be working for the good of the people.
This amendment is the worst type of legislation, it does nothing for anyone. It only harms me and my family and thousands upon thousands of families in this state. Do not allow this to move forward. It is wrong, and you know it is wrong.
Thank you for listening.

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It's Finished!

Here is the finished flower. I think it turned out nice. I have some other things in mind so stay tuned.
Thanks for watching
(If you missed the making of this sculpture, click here to watch the earlier video.)

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Obama on Mubarak Stepping Down

We watched history made today.

Sculpture for Spring

I received a great gift of membership with Sowebo Arts.  The membership allows me to show in and around Baltimore up to 12 times a year. I have shown with them at 2 of the open arts shows and have had success. The members only show that opened 2 weeks ago was a great opportunity to meet other members and patrons.
I am glad to say that I sold a small piece that night.
Having dead lines seems to work for me and now I have a reason to create so here is one of the projects I have been working on. The video is not finished because I am not finished.
I am hoping to get it done this weekend. Of course, I have a ton of new ideas and will be posting new stuff.
Thanks for watching

Watershed moment for gay marriage in Maryland?

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I read the following about lgbt families via Goodasyou from Jennifer Roback Morse. Morse is affiliated with the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage and she was testifying against allowing same-sex marriage in Rhode Island:

"When slavery was abolished, all slaves became free men and women. When women obtained the right to vote, the discrimination ended with the very next election. But for children of same sex marriage, the situation will be different. When we come to our senses 30 years from now and realize that we have perpetrated a grotesque injustice, not a single child born fatherless or motherless within a same sex marriage will get his missing parent back. Only prevention will protect children’s rights.

The thin disguise of marriage equality will not mislead anyone, nor will it atone for the wrong this day done"

Is it just me or is that rhetoric a tad nasty when it comes to same-sex families.

Perhaps it isn't just me. We are learning that it was rhetoric just like that which made a Maryland State Senator, Jim Brochin, recently change his vote from opposing same-sex marriage in the state to supporting it. He released this statement to the press:

“What I witnessed from the opponents of the bill was appalling.” Brochin said. “Witness after witness demonized homosexuals, vilified the gay community, and described gays and lesbians as pedophiles. I believe that sexual orientation is not a choice, but rather people are born one way or another The proponents of the bill were straightforward in wanting to be simply treated as everyone else, and wanted to stop being treated as second-class citizens.

Brochin added, “For me, the transition to supporting marriage has not been an easy one, but the uncertainty, fear, and second-class status that gays and lesbians have to put up with is far worse and clearly must come to an end.”

What's happening here is simple. When the right first began attacking same-sex marriage in 2004, the understanding about it was a bit simplistic. They were able to exploit people's ignorance by terming it as selfish homosexuals wanting to redefine marriage.

However, fast forward to 2011. People are starting to realize that same-sex marriage is not about lgbts wanting to "force affirmation." It is about love. And most of all, it's about family.

Lawmakers in Maryland were able to see and hear from real families who are affected positively by marriage equality. And what did the folks on the right have to oppose this? A bunch of hypothetical statements tuned to sound logical, but really amounted to the demonization of lgbt persons and families - a three dimensional personification of truth vs. lies, if you will.

Personally, I am all for it. When truth faces up against lies, sooner or later, truth wins.

And it's about time, too.

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Eugene Delguadio: Homosexual Predators Are Running Wild In The Halls Of CPAC

I think this guy wishes he was a drunk underage conservative. Being drunk would be a good excuse know.

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Yesterday "Public Advocate For The Unites States" Eugene Delguadio warned us about all those radical homosexual pirates running amok on the streets of Tampa. Today he writes with the breathless news that gay predators are lurking the halls of CPAC, seeking to take advantage of drunk underage conservatives.
For years, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was the scene of exciting speakers throughout the day. But at night there have always been dozens of alcohol parties. These parties are viewed as festive opportunities to meet conservatives from all over the country in a more social atmosphere. It was not unusual for me to have to escort adult predators, even some openly homosexual men out of these parties because they could not resist the urge to prey upon the younger teenage victims at their disposal in a vulnerable place a long distance from their home and without their parents’ presence.

These days the predator homosexuals use political cover to gain access to their intoxicated victims. As I’ve told you before, the Conservative Political Action Conference has been infiltrated by the Homosexual Lobby. Radical Homosexual front groups like “GOProud” will be in attendance to push their perversion on young conservatives. This sort of predator behavior was illegal and immoral back when I had to clean house and condemn them. And it is still illegal and immoral to create an atmosphere in which those same misdeeds could occur again. Parents should be warned and frankly the authorities at CPAC should be told that there are minor age students who need to be looked after and protected.
Eugene closes today by noting that if you will only send him a "prayerful contribution" of "$10, $25, $50 or even $100," he can continue his noble work of stopping predatory homosexuals.

American Family Association Scrubs Bryan Fischer's Rant On Native Americans

Be sure to take in what Joe has to say at the bottom.

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On Tuesday, American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer announced that Native Americans were "morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil" because they had rejected attempts to convert them to Christianity. That may have finally been just a little too extreme for Fischer's bosses at the AFA. Right Wing Watch reports:
The Native American Rights Fund said Fischer’s comments are “not worth dignifying with a reply,” and AFA blogger Elijah Friedeman called Fischer’s views “repulsive.” It appears that the AFA is now expunging Fischer’s vicious article on Native Americans, along with Freideman’s denunciation - they have even removed his column from Renew America where it was also posted. Fischer’s original article has been removed from the AFA’s Focal Point blog (while leaving his radio commentary on YouTube); similarly, Friedeman’s reaction was taken down from the AFA’s website and is no longer listed on his blog either.
Still remaining is Fischer's column calling for Muslims to be banned from the military, his column describing gay activists as domestic terrorists, his column demanding an overturn of our democracy in favor of Biblical law, his column calling for the abolishing of high school, and his column recommending that homosexuals be rounded up and put in concentration camps. The American Family Association is perfectly OK with all of that.

Past, Present, and Future of Marriage.

This is the "Defence" of marriage we are up against. As a Treker, I am offended that this guy would assume that Data would want to marry a human. LOL

What is Happening in Maryland

Catch the comment at the end. Very cool!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maggie Gallagher's testimony convinces Maryland Senator to vote for marriage equality

Caught a tweet from Pam Spaulding about how NOM's Maggie Gallagher's testimony against marriage equality in Maryland was successful (in helping our side.) Here's the story:
Maryland – The Senate Judicial Proceedings committee heard 7 hours of testimony last night on whether or not to legalize gay marriage, including from NOM’s Maggie Gallagher. Now one Senator, who was previously a foe, has said her testimony convinced him to support marriage equality.
Senator James Brochin (D) was one of the few Democrat Senators who was opposed to gay marriage. But after listening to testimony from Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization For Marriage (NOM), he’s said that her “demonization” of gay families has convinced him that he should side with marriage equality.

Well done Maggie!
National Organization for Marriage (NOM) expenses in sending Maggie Gallagher to testify against Marriage Equality - $1000's

Maggie Gallagher's hateful testimony getting votes for marriage equality - priceless!