Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is going on with the GOP?
Before they gained control of the House and Senate in the federal and many state governments, they claimed they were going to work on the economy and jobs. That is not what they are doing.
All over the USA the GOP is busy fighting abortion and LGBT rights. Crazy bills are being proposed and some are passing.

MONTANA: Bill To Ban All Local LGBT Rights Passes House 60-39

NORTH CAROLINA: 23 GOP State Pols Sponsor Ballot Ban On LGBT Unions

Even though Planned Parenthood has been long banned from using any of its federal money for abortions, today the GOP led a lopsided vote to completely defund the agency. The vote was 240-185 with ten Democrats siding with the GOP.

VIRGINIA: House Committee Denies LGBT Employment And Health Benefits Bills

GEORGIA: Wingnut GOP Rep Wants Police To Investigate All Miscarriages

I read several papers and watch many different news channels and have yet to here about what the GOP is doing for the job market or the economy. The abortion issue has been going on for 30 years or more and frankly it is legal to have one. If they outlawed abortion, women would just go back to the unsafe ways of back ally doctors or doing it them selves.

As for LGBT rights. You all know where I stand. It does not hurt anyone to have anti-discrimination laws or does it hurt anyone that we get married. It does hurt when you take them back.

The GOP used the filibuster more since Obama became president than all other times combined. They stopped or stalled everything the Dems purposed. They don't like "Obamacare" but offered nothing to change or fix it.

They claim they want less government but want to put their nose where it does not belong.

Some of the GOP's are NUTS!! And they want to run for president?! What has my country come to?

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