Saturday, February 19, 2011

MONTANA: Tea Party Rep Introduces Bill Overturning All Local LGBT Rights

What a bunch of.....I don't know what to call them or this.
How would you feel if your basic right to walk freely down the street, find somewhere to live, and have a job was threatened? Not is it only can they outright discriminate against you, deny services, kick you out, and fire you, but the preacher all but gave them permission to kill you just because you are gay or even perceived to be gay.

How many beaten or dead LGBT people are considered collateral damage in the name of the (perceived) greater good?

This is America and we don't give protections and then take them back. Try taking back one of their rights and see what happens.

People like this are fueling the "culture war". I don't want things to come to blows or riots in the street. All we want is to get along and have the same rights as the rest of the country.We want the people to work together and learn. They want us dead or gone and live every day in anger and fear. I feel sorry for them for hating something so much it runs their lives and they will lose in the end. Education and understanding will always lead the way to peace.

We did not declare this "war" but we will fight for freedom and win. The hardest part of war is the mourning the ones that had to fall.

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Tea Party-backed Montana GOP Rep. Kristen Hansen has introduced a bill that would overturn all local LGBT rights laws in the state. The bill "limits all local rights ordinances to state-protected classes" of people. Montana House Bill 516. Via Montana Capitol Report, we learn that GOP lawmakers refused to allow opponents of the bill to be heard, even though anti-gay activists were heard from, including one pastor that called for the death penalty for homosexuality.
Opponents of the measure came from across the state to testify. Unfortunately, the Republican majority on the committee attempted to limit testimony on both sides of the issue to ten minutes. Democrats on the committee objected and even presented rules that require the public be able to at least verbally state their opposition to the bill. The Republicans on the committee ignored the rules, and refused to let opponents of the bill testify. In response to the GOP actions, Rep. Diane Sands (D-Missoula) took to reading the names of every opponent (all 50+) of the measure and asked them to stand and be acknowledged. After the hearing, opponents of the measure held their own hearing, next to the statue of Rep. Jeannette Rankin, where they allowed all of the opponents of the measure speak and be heard. During this informal hearing, Sen. Carol Williams and other Democratic lawmakers showed up to show their frustrations with the treatment of these Montanans that simply wanted to be heard.
The above-linked story notes that other recent Montana bills allow cities to form local militias, call for the withdrawal from the United Nations, and allow for the carrying of handguns into banks and churches.

VIDEO: Pastor Harris Himes explains that homosexuality is an abomination worthy of being put to death and therefore gay people should not be rented homes in Montana.

VIDEO: After the hearing, Democrats gathered in a hallway to denounce having been shut out of the debate.

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