Friday, December 31, 2010

The Church, Hate, and Tax Exemtion

I woke up this morning to more lies and made up crap from the Liberty Counsel who receives tax exempt status.  There is an article about the HATE group, National Org. for Marriage (NOM), who not only is tax exempt but VERY late filing their taxes year after year.
To top it off the Pope in  The Belfast Telegraph  stated that “In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children," the Pope said.”
Well the Pope just gave an out for all the priests who have been abusing kids.  It explains why they hide and move those who are being accused.  Every day there are more accusations against the church including the current Pope himself.  Are these GOOD CATHOLIC VALUES?!  ( Good Catholic values are a whole other rant)

I am going to be sick……..

Do we allow the KKK and Nazi groups tax exempt status?! Do we let them spread lies and hate openly on TV or their own TV shows or networks?!  NO WE DO NOT. Americans would not stand for it.  Why is it OK for anti-gay groups to spread their filth and lies on TV, billboards, and news?
It is OK because the whole thing is wrapped up in a blanket of GOOD CHRISTIAN VALUES? It is bad enough that they pick and choose what they want from the bible but they are ignoring some of the top 10 including bearing false witness.

Wait….I need to be sick again……..

Some say this country was founded on religious freedom and in some part it was. Most of our founding fathers were not Christians but did believe everyone had the right to worship as they pleased and I believe that as well. What I don’t believe is that any religious organization has the right to impose their beliefs on anyone else nor should they try to force the government to govern a hugely diverse population based on any one religion. Furthermore, when any religious group tries to shape the law, get caught spreading falsehoods,  do anything that is proven to damage any group, or knowingly and deliberately twist or ignore their own doctrines to create an atmosphere of hate SHOULD NOT BE given tax exemptions.

I am angry at our government for supporting this behavior.  It is giving them more money to spread the hate and discrimination we are trying to pass laws to prevent.

I am angry at the poor sheep who refuse to think for themselves and follow the teachings of hate and discrimination.

I am VERY angry at those who stay with a group even when they do not believe the hate but continue to give their money anyway.

I am tired of being mocked for wanting the world to be a kinder place for all.  Greed and hate have no place in my world. It has abused, neglected, starved, and killed too many innocent people.

When I say I want equality and justice for all, there are no exceptions. When they say it, including our government, there is the sanctioned exception of being queer.

What Would Jesus Do?     He would be pissed!

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