Friday, December 3, 2010

My take on DADT repeal

I am sitting here reading everything I can about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) repeal and I have a few questions and maybe a few answers.
We have gays and str8s serving our country in two wars. They have always worked together and always will. Approximately 100,000 are LGBT. That is a lot of people not matter what! My first question is just what is it they think is going to happen? They keep saying it is detrimental to …..everything, but I am not hearing how.
The questions on the survey where of the “ick” factor kind like how would you feel about going to a military party if you knew there would be gays or would you shower with one.  What a crock. The only thing that will change is you will know more about that person and only IF they tell you.
Who are the ones that may get hurt? The LGBT people have more to risk, from alienation to physical harm if and when they come out. A life time of hiding has also taught LGBT people to pay attention to situations and are generally cautious about coming out. It is not like 100,000 people are going to out themselves with pink fatigues and start a parade.
Why is there a myth that all LGBT people are sex starved experts?  I can’t tell you how many str8 folks find out I am gay and the first thing they do is start telling me about their sex lives! I don’t want to know people. I am old fashioned when it comes to courtship and sex. I do not jump in bed with, nor am I attracted to, every breathing woman on the planet. I am not discussing my sex life with anyone. It is none of your business so get your nose out of my bedroom. Frankly, I think str8s think about gay sex way more than we do. Most str8 people are not attracted to every member of the opposite sex with no control over their urges. Neither are gays.  Again, a gay person would not come out to anyone they feel would harm them so all you Srt8 guys have nothing to worry about.
Why do they think there is going to be more sex going on everywhere? There is a code of conduct  in place that every one obeys and..... they are already having sex anyway.
I believe John McCain, who is just one senator, may have had a bad experience or deeply engrained religious ideas or may be suppressing a secret. No matter what, it does not give him license to act like a spoiled child nor should his position allow him to control every single thing that happens in the senate. He has been a big part in the use of the filibuster which has been used more times since Obama became president than all other times combined. Even his own wife and daughter do not agree with him. Well, the wife did kind of flip flopped around but then, so did he.
The fact is we have a lot of LGBT people who are serving now, would come back if they could, and want to join. The government cannot afford to kick out trained people whose only violation is their orientation. They are all willing to give up more than any str8 person to do the job of defending our country and honor.  
I would like McCain to step into the boots of a gay soldier and give up loving and being loved.

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