Friday, December 17, 2010

Twisted Words

Every day I read 6 or 7 gay blogs that often lead me to news stations and newspapers from both sides of the gay rights movement. Wanting to have a clear understanding of all involved, I read and watch everything.
Being an out and proud lesbian, legally married, and have friends in the service I am very interested in who is for and against gay rights. I need to know what the reasons are for this “culture war” and what each side is doing about it. Sometimes it gets hard to keep up with who did or did not do something and all the he said, she said clips and blurbs.
The hardest thing to learn is the duel meaning of the words used by the anti-gay people and groups.  When the pro-gay people use words like diversity and equality they mean we are a nation of many different people and beliefs and though we are each unique we should be treated the same with all the same rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of the USA. Kind of like the 14th amendment.
When the anti-gay people use these same words it sounds like a bad thing.  Sounds like diversity of humans is as bad as the weeds in my yard and weeds are not equal to the grass. There are some who have said gays should be jailed and/or killed and in some other places, that is the case.  There are some who believe the 14th amendment does not and should not cover everyone.
Some of the groups that say they are on the pro side do not really work towards equality but the Human Rights Campaign can sure throw a party and some groups are confusing.  Gay Republicans?  No joke!
As an out lesbian for many moons and being active in my community, I have gotten to know lots of LGBT people.  Reading the comments on almost every article gives me a good insight to what the average LGBT person thinks about, from latest episode of GLEE to the latest episode of the senate to what the anti-gay side is saying.
When we say “same” they say “special”. When we say “marriage” they say “There is no such thing as a monogamous homosexual relationship” ( I am in one.) When we speak of family, we are  talking about spouse, kids, people who live and share a home, and extended family members. They say a family is only a man, woman, and their kids. That leaves a lot of people out in the cold.
When a gay person wants to serve this country, they promise to be all they can be ,do the job they are trained for, and obey all the rules. They seem to think that will change if the law lets them talk about their families and loved ones or wants the same benefits for their families.
I have also read and heard some ugly things that are just not true. In fact, the anti-gay groups have said so many untrue things over and over that they have been listed as hate groups. They are real angry about that but it has not stopped them from continuing to repeat themselves.  You would think if your group got listed as a hate group and the list of reasons are sound that you might stop and try to fix it.  
What I don’t get is why they think it is all about sex.  I think I am speaking for the majority of the LGBT population when I say the they think about gay sex more than gays do. In fact they come up with some real strange and disgusting  sex acts that are not normal for anyone. What about lesbian sex. There is very little talk about what we do, (Thank goodness), but it does seem the anti-gay guys think a lot about what gay guys do. If they find it so disgusting, why do they think about it so much? Sex  is only a part of a relationship, str8 or gay and I would thank you for getting out of my bedroom.  We do not sit around thinking about your sex life. Eeeuuuu. We all have an “ick” factor but that is not a reason to deny anyone basic rights.
It all comes down to the truth, suffering, and need to be treated like the rest of the country VS outright lies, fake information, and a real dislike of the change toward a mutual respect and fairness for every American. 

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