Friday, December 17, 2010

FLORIDA: Neo-Nazi Gets Life Without Parole For Murder Of Gay Teenager

Yesterday it took a Florida jury less than 30 minutes to decide that John Ditullio, a 24 year-old neo-Nazi, deserved life in prison without parole for stabbing a 17 year-old boy to death because he was gay.
Earlier on Thursday, Ditullio spoke directly to the jury during his sentencing at the West Pasco County Courthouse. "I'm not going to beg you for my life. Do what you do... but the people that just sat up here and testified that they love me, that's what I ask you to render your verdict on. Not me," Ditullio said. Each day during the trial, a makeup artist was paid up to $150 to cover Ditullio's tattoos, which include a Nazi swastika, barbed wire and an expletive. On Thursday, the makeup artist was there, but attorneys told the judge that Ditullio didn't want to wear any makeup. Late Wednesday night, Ditullio was found guilty of first-degree murder and attempted murder. Prosecutors say he broke into a mobile home in New Port Richey of 2006 and fatally stabbed Kristofer King, 17, because he was gay, and injured Patricia Wells because she was friends with a black man.
There are so many questions......

First, who paid for the make up? I am covered in tattoos and am a tattoo artist and people do not just pick out any old thing to make permanent. This guy chose to put a SWASTIKA  in a visible place. He has made it part of him to make a statement. Why cover it up at all?

Second, why do the good tax payers have to pay for this ass for the rest of his life? This was not an accident. He carried out a plan to kill. He should he hung on the spot.

Third and most important is, what contributed to this guys ultimate act?

Parents that are either truly embarrass or just like him and his childhood was a mess.
The lack of a good education partly because our education system sucks.
Living in a small town with like minded people who reinforce these attitudes.
A bad experience with someone

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, does the same thing only he takes is frustration out by attacking US with lies. He spends time and money to plan how he can hurt as many people as possible by changing laws and passing laws to keep US from having the same things he has.

Bryan Fischer, Brian Brown, and all the rest of the anti-gay crowd help feed the idea that WE are bad and deserve to shipped off, jailed, or die. They spread out right lies and can't figure out why they are considered a hate group.

They give people like this ass the excuse to be violent. Their words are weapons that cut to the bone and urge those who have no control to go out and commit murder. Their words are dangerous and  delivered in such a way that they can even manipulate the way others think causing great pain to those of US who want and need the same security.

I hope they are all having fun toasting to one more dead queer.
I would be careful though......There are more of US, we are everywhere, and we WILL be on the right side of history.

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