Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The App is Gone!!

I just heard that the nasty App from   was pulled from the iphone store!!
Thanks to all who signed and all those who did not get a chance but would have signed.
They stopped when they met the goal of 135,000.
It is interesting how fast that many people can have a voice in how far we will let liers spread their filth.

Because we are all connected by the Internet, we are sharing and learning on a globle scale. We are understanding and enlightened about others in the world as well as outraged by the barbaric nature of humans toward other humans.

We have a globle voice and are not afraid to be heard when we see, hear, or suffer an injustice.

There are voices being heard in the streets as well, at home and abroad. The world is ready for a change in how we treat each other. We are tackling problems with the same paradigm that caused them and it will not work. Many of those that lead are not up to speed with the globle understanding.

Today our voices from the globe have shut down a product on the globle market that was damaging to other humans.  That is very cool. Thanks

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