Thursday, March 10, 2011

GOP Collective Morons

John Boehner is an ASS. Rather than work on jobs he is now going to defend a discriminatory law that has 11 court cases on the dockets.
They will be looking for outside lawyers and paying them with our tax money. DOMA has been found to be unconstitutional many times over and the president and the DOJ are refusing to defend parts of it. They don't have to defend DOMA. DOMA is bad.

Boehner does not believe in equality for all Americans. He has stated "so be it" when it was pointed out that the GOP's plan would cost jobs instead of creating them. His anti-big-government platform is very busy defending laws that keep us second class at a Big government level when he should be doing what he said he would do.

His (and my) home state of Ohio is busy doing the same thing. Not only are there tax cuts for the rich but they want to strip bargaining rights from the hard working people of Ohio including police and fire. Included in the measure was an unrelated amendment about no recognition of same sex marriages from other states.

The GOP is going to destroy this country. They have used more filibusters in the last 2 years than all others combined to stop anything the Dems and Obama wanted to do. They have not come up with a better or even good health care plan and they are busy poking their nose in abortion and gay rights when they said they were not concerned with them and would concentrate on cutting the budget and creating jobs. So far all they have done is piss off ALOT of people all over the country.

I have never seen protests like what is going on in Ohio and Wisconsin. Yesterday the GOP showed their ass and are being called on it. Twice they have voted on measures when the Dems were out. I have watched videos of police arresting those who just want to go to their offices. I have heard the shouts of SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
I saw a sign that said "Tax cuts for billionaires, Pay cuts for teachers." Is this what the GOP thinks is going to fix the problems THEY caused in the first place?!

The last presidential election was a joke with McCain/Palin running and it looks like more discriminatory, gay hating, religious, serial adulterer, nut jobs are going to try to run next time.
The GOP is going to kick start another recession if not a full blown depression if they are allowed to continue. They are driving people to the streets to save their jobs.
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class is fading fast.

We are in recovery. The economy is moving and jobs are being created no thanks to the GOP. The people that voted in all these republicans that are now messing with your jobs and freedoms should be ashamed of what is happening. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

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