Thursday, March 10, 2011

WOW! Maggie Wrote My Blog!

I was checking any comments and I found one from Maggie Gallagher, the mouth piece for NOM.
National Org. for Marriage is a Hate Group that whole purpose is to defeat gay marriage everywhere. They lie, use twisted studies, and demonize the LGBT population.

I wrote a commentary on an article about her not using her husbands name, never seen the man, her lack of a wedding ring, and that her son is in a Broadway musical. (Thats so Gay)

She wrote back; "Actually your complaint is that I don't use my family as a prop, they are never seen. I am a public figure. My family are not. Is that so hard to understand? "

Franky, if one was to spend ones time preaching about traditional marriage, don't you think that one would WANT to show by example what a traditional marriage looks like? At least appear to be married?
This woman spends most of her time working against families away from her own. Her outward appearance (lack of wedding ring)does not suggest she is married. (She may have "outgrown" it due to all the fast food on the road).
Traditionally, women take their husbands name as well.

I am just so pleased that her nasty org. has found my blog which I started to spread the news I find interesting and how it effects my gay world.

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