Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are Not Going Away

"A ban on same-sex marriage is not going to make people less gay."
--Indianapolis Star columnist Erika D. Smith

A ban on serving in the military did not stop us from fighting for our freedom over the last 200 plus years.

Discrimination in housing encouraged us to take some of the worst edges of towns and breath life and beauty into what was death and decay.

Banning all recognition of our relationships has not stopped us from finding each other and becoming families.

Discrimination in the work place sparked gay owned and opperated businesses.

Violence and hate toward us has only made us stronger and band together in safty and numbers.

There must be a curnel of truth to the one who protestes the most.........must be hiding something. We see every day how ones public life fights against ones privite gayness. How sad.

It is hard to say wheither we have grown in number or not as we are not counted.

I am sure we have been here as long as humans have walked the earth.

I am sure we will continue to laugh, love, play, pray, work, and raise families no matter what hate serves up.

So we wake every morning to the news of another brother or sister who is beatin, dead, lost a job, kicked out, or has taken their own life. We sob. We get dressed and continue to live knowing that nothing in our lives is really safe or secure. 

I just hope if tomorrow is my turn, the paper gets my information right.

I am Mrs. Barbara Jane Jackson Lincoln. Openly gay and legally married.

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