Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boehner threatens Justice to force DOMA enforcement - My Thoughts

Not only has he increased the wages of the outside lawyers 3 fold to defend DOMA he is now trying to withhold funds from the Justice Department.

So far all he has done is censure art work at the Smithsonian and try to keep a discriminatory law on the books at our expense.
He attended and spoke at the Values Voters Summit hosted by Hate Groups along side of every GOP candidate for President who needs the endorsement from the far right.
He lies about the legalities of the President declining to defend DOMA as he believes it is unconstitutional. It is not uncommon for a President to do this and is not illegal.

I don't know what constitution the Speaker and/or the company he keeps read but it is not the constitution I've read many times over.
The content of the constitution makes it clear that "We the people" means everyone and "We" should all be free from discrimination.
 "We" are working on that.

Frankly, I can't wait for his sorry, depressed, drunk ass to go back to his tiny shit hole of a town, like many in Ohio, and fade away.

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