Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Former Exodus Leader, John Smid: "There's no thing as "Ex-Gay""

John Smid was the head of one of the largest "Pray away the gay" orgs that are responsible for some of the misinformation and lies spread to demonize the LGBT population. Smid took advantage of gay people who were depressed and disparate from the social discrimination he helped to create!
He made a ton of money off the people he made sick!
Now he is Martyring himself by being married to a woman and saying that he never really changed anyone!?
It seems to me that this is an admission of guilt for bilking people out of their money not to mention the damage he caused to his clients or the LGBT population at large!
U! U! U!    Exodus also took advantage of tax exemptions!
He should be in prison!
Maybe not.....He would be happy to be someones "Bitch".

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