Friday, October 7, 2011

What the GOPers Will be Listening to This Weekend - NOT GOOD!

Jeremy Hooper at Good As has been keeping track of and posting an amazing amount of information on my favorite person to not like so much, Bryan Fischer.  Fisher is a speaker at the Values Voters Summit this weekend where he will not only be in the company of the heads of other Hate Groups and followers but will also have the pleasure of meeting EVERY GOP candidate.

Jeremy has conveniently linked everything to his library and can prove everything this man has said on his show to a HUGE amount of people every day. This is just one page on one topic from Fischer. He has nasty opinions of people of other religions, nationalities, and Native Americans as well.

Please click on the links and watch, read, and listen then ask yourself if these are the kind of people you want to run our country.

If you have a family member or friend that is LGBT,  then you will be disturbed
by what what you are about to see.
You may become sick or angry.

Some of Bryan Fischer's "finest": This is the same Bryan Fischer who's said "Homosexuals in the military gave us...six million dead Jews". The guy who's said "homosexuals should be disqualified from public office," has called on Christian conservatives to breed gays and progressives out of existence, has called gay sex a "form of domestic terrorism," who's said only gays were savage enough for Hitler, has compared gays to heroin abusers, has directly compared laws against gay soldiers to those that apply to bank robbers, who once invoked a Biblical story about stabbing "sexually immoral" people with spears, saying we need this kind of action in modern day, who has spoken out against gays serving as public school teachers, has questioned why Medals of Honor are given to people who save lives (rather than take lives), who says that open service will "assign the United States to the scrap heap of history," who recently commiserated with Bradlee 'Executing homosexuals is moral' Dean, and who has blamed gay activists for dead gay kids, saying that: "If we want to see fewer students commit suicide, we want fewer homosexual students". The guy who said the only acceptable "culture war" truce would have gays giving up their demand for equality. The guy who painted Native Americans as innately cursed because they "cling to the darkness of indigenous superstition". The guy who encourages an "ex-gay" mother to ignore court orders that she finds Biblically unfair (Just like Rosa Parks, dont cha know?). The guy who conservative Christian Warren Throckmorton aptly noted is "to the right of Jerry Falwell" on some LGBT issues. The guy who says men always get the final say in a male/female marriage and that women are only fit to be President if an equally-abled male candidate is unavailable. The guy whose words pretty much single-handedly landed the American Family Association on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate groups list.

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