Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brown Thanking Me for Trashing Boehner - Loving it!

  • I just love this! I recieve the news letter from the National Org. for Marrage ( NOM ) just to keep up with the BS they send out.

  • I am often asked to send a letter to someone with a link that leads me to a form letter.

  • Well... the form letter can be edited. So I edit the letter to express my opinion.

  • The letter below was sent out to everyone involved in the defence of DOMA.

  • It tickles me that Brian Brown is thanking me for sending this letter to the Speaker of the House John Bonehead.

  • Your message has been sent!‏

    1:08 PM
    To Barbara Lincoln
    Sent:Sat 10/08/11 1:08 PM
    To: Barbara Lincoln (
    Your message has been sent!

    Thank you for sending a message to Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership. Please tell a friend!

    Your message was sent to:

    Representative John A. Boehner

    Dear Speaker Boehner,

    I am writing to shame you and the House Republican leadership for not only spending a GROSS amount of taxpayer money, but blowing it to defending a bad and discrimintory law.
    Despite vocal criticism and despite the President's personal views you are spending time and money on a losing cause.

    I am from Ohio and so glad I moved to Maryland. I have not had ONE problem as a LEGALLY married lesbian here. In Ohio we both have been chased, spit on, turned away, ignored, and our properity damaged. Several months ago a man's barn and 8 horses were burned in our home state just because he was gay. The twisted person who did this spray painted the word Fag in the fence just so we would know.

    No one should be discriminated against in MY America.

    Thank you for wasting MY tax dollars on DOMA, and I urge you to stand down Please know that I -- and millions of Americans like me -- want you to STOP WASTING our limited resources on defending a bad law. It hurts people and their families!

    BJ Jackson Lincoln

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