Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bonehead and his Rich Legal Team in a Circle Jerk

It seems that our embarrassment to Ohio and his over paid outside legal team has come up with a way to defend DOMA in a rather circular manner. According to the AP,

"But attorneys representing the House's Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group counter that DOMA is subject to a lower level of court scrutiny because gays and lesbians don't meet the legal criteria for groups who receive heightened protection from discrimination. Under that lower standard, DOMA is constitutional, they argue."

Translation: Because we are winning a few battles against discrimination, we don't meet the legal criteria for groups who receive heightened protection from discrimination therefore it is his right to discriminate against us.
With this line of thinking, they can fight any anti-discrimination laws against any minority and there is no way for the minority to win.

While DADT is history ( for now ), our brave LGB (no T) soldiers can fight and die the same, can post pictures of their families and loved ones, and be open about their lives if they want but because of DOMA can not have the same benefits for their families or legally married spouses. No health care, no housing or moving, etc...

DOMA hurts those of us who are legally married by denying our vows and the 1300 federal benefits afforded to str8 couples. I should not have to be listed as a dependant on my wife's taxes.
It gets in the way of LGBT families trying to get help with a child's higher education costs.
It separates legally married couples and breaks up families when one is deported for no other reason other than DOMA.

Again, it is not illegal to NOT defend a bad law. The President, DOJ, many judges, and a slim majority think it is a bad law. This bad law hurts Americans and their children.

Why on earth does Bonehead think it is OK to blow 1.5 million taxpayer dollars to defend a bad law!?
Why can't anybody do something to stop him!?

After Bonehead loses and DOMA is history, what other minority will he defend discrimination for?

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