Saturday, October 22, 2011

NYC Cabs Worth $1 Million - This is what OWS is About.

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These days the safest investment might be a New York City taxi.
A New York City taxi medallion is a tin plate that grants a person the right to operate a yellow cab. On Wednesday, two medallions were sold for $1 million each, the highest price ever. In 1937 when the first medallion was issued, it went for $10. New York City has sold 13,237 medallions over the years. The new ones, when issued, are sold at auction. What this means is that the largest fleets, which often control hundreds of medallions, can easily secure financing. Medallion sales are one of the city's big businesses. In fact, the biggest lender, Medallion Financial, is a publicly traded company and shares a Madison Avenue skyscraper with the Rockefeller Family Fund.
This folks is a shining example of what OWS is about. 
Capitalism is not a bad thing except when it goes unregulated and this happens.

Have any of you played the game Monopoly?
The goal of the game is to become the richest and bankrupt the rest of the players.
At some point in the game you know that while you are doing OK so far, there is no way to get ahead and you could be out in one roll of the dice. You keep playing knowing it is futile.
That is what is happening now. Only the very wealthy can play with hope of winning. 1%
The rest of us are the 99%. We are all at different stages of wealth and some may get a lucky roll but we ALL know we are only a roll away from joining the growing number of people who lost.

This is what happens when there are no rules to keep the high rollers in check.
Deregulation and every loophole/tax breaks have given the 1% the upper hand.

Now they can vote and "contribute" as much as they want to political campaigns and candidates.

As a loser your options are limited. IF you can find a job, it will most likely be part time so the business will not have to offer you any benefits. Some may have 2 or 3 part time jobs at minimum wage.
 IF you find a full time job, it will most likely be hard shifts of 12 to 14 hours, 6 or 7 days a week. No over time pay, minimum wage, no union, no benefits/wait a year/can't afford coverage, and dog ass tired.
Otherwise you are left to your own devices. Some choose bad ones.
Desperate people will do anything.

The growing "class war" (their term not ours) is restless and global. The losers, most who WERE hard working players, need the rules to change so they can have a chance to work again.

Bring back the industry that made us strong. Pay us enough to spend and save. Healthy people work harder, provide affordable heath care for EVERYONE.

The losers are beginning to rebel and it will get ugly er.

The 1% needs to understand that this is not a game and and we the 99% can not allow them to bankrupt us , our country, or our globe any more than they have.

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