Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another letter sent from NOMs site - I love doing this!

I receive the National Org. for Marriage ( NOM) newsletter to keep abreast of their crap.
Today I got a link to a letter to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey urging him to veto any pro same-sex marriage bills.
Naturally I had to send one after tweaking it a little.
I love getting thank you mail from them for sending out letters from their site.

Here is my letter
Dear Governor Christie,

I and millions of Americans, both within and outside of New Jersey, have come to respect your up-front, common sense approach to politics, and the need to include all the people of New Jersey.
With Democratic leadership in the state legislature making same-sex marriage a top priority this year, I was encouraged by your recent comments suggesting you were undecided on the issue, and would only make a decision if and when forced by the legislature.

In 2009, you promised voters that any same-sex marriage bill to cross your desk would be returned with a "big red veto" but it is three years later and your intent may have changed. I hope so.

Governor Christie, voters look to you as a man we can trust. We need politicians who will follow through on what is best for the people.. Please, become the first Republican to sign same-sex marriage into law. If the legislature passes same-sex marriage this year, it is because they think it is the right thing to do. The majority of the fine folks in New Jersey think it is the right thing to do too.
Do the fair thing and listen to what all sides are saying. Listen to the people. Listen to the LGBT families that want to be the same as the rest of the fine folks.

Barbara Jane Jackson Lincoln

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