Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HomoQuotable - Dan Savage

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"Political reporters? When Elizabeth Santorum says, 'I have gay friends and they support my dad because they agree with him about family issues,' i.e. her dad's opposition to gay people having a families of their own, your immediate response should be a request for the names and phone numbers of some of these gay friends. Because that claim requires checking out before you put it in print or pixels. Reassure Elizabeth you'll quote her friends anonymously to protect them from potty-mouthed gay bloggers, they can talk to you on background or whatever, but tell her that you're going to need to verify the existence of these gay friends.

"Because you're a journalist, not a stenographer. You'll either catch Elizabeth Santorum in a revealing lie—what does it tell us about this moment in the struggle for LGBT equality that even homophobes like Elizabeth and her dad perceive a political risk in being perceived as homophobic?—or you'll land a fascinating interview." - Dan Savage, saying that the media should stop accepting homophobes' claims of having gay friends.

Dan has made a great point. This is a person who goes around saying that gay love is like man-dog love/sex and wants to not only put discrimination in our constitution by banning equal marriage but he want to invalidate my marriage and all other legal same-sex marriages.
It is VERY hard to believe Santorum has any gay friends.
It is as hard to believe as a KKK member saying they have African-American friends.

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