Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nicotine Test For Hospital Employees and My Thoughts

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If you want to get a job at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, you'll have to submit to a test for nicotine use. If you test positive, you don't get the job.
"This is just the next step in creating a tobacco-free environment and it's just an effort to focus on the well-being of our employees," said Geisinger spokeswoman Marcy Marshall. All Geisinger facilities have been tobacco-free since 2007. Ms. Marshall said Geisinger's new policy was a year in the making, and is modeled after one established at The Cleveland Clinic. She said some of the staff understand why Geisinger is taking a more aggressive stance on tobacco use, and some even welcome the new policy. There are others, though, who are worried. "I'm sure what's going through their minds is, 'How is this going to affect me down the line?'" Ms. Marshall said.
Next up: a test for evidence of french fries.

I have a huge problem with this for several reasons.
I am a smoker. I have been smoking for over half my life. When I started there were not any warnings on anything. Smoking was encouraged by the media. My Mom smoked in the pediatricians waiting room. I have smoked on airplanes, in theatres, grocery stores.. you name it.

Yes it is a gross, costly, and filthy habit I wish I had never taken up but.....
It is not illegal to smoke in your own home. It is not a control substance that needs to be outlawed.

When urine tests started for drugs I opposed it. Pot should not be lumped in with cocaine, heroin, and meth. No one else opposed it and now it is a standard practice. I REFUSE to take a piss test to get a job.

I have worked hard and built up a wonderful resume. I have had prospective employers drool at the idea of hiring me based on my credentials. When it comes time for me to sign a paper stating I agree to random drug testing, I have to pass. I have watched many jaws hit the floor when I slide the paper back unsigned, get up, and shake their hand saying I am sorry for taking up their time.
It is obvious that I am a good worker and have staying power so what I do in the privacy of my home is none of their business.

I am not saying I smoke pot or not. I am just saying it is not their business. 

I am all for not smoking in public places. I am all for not smoking in front of the doors that lead to public places. It is nasty for non-smokers. 

Now, some places want to see if I am smoking cigarettes in my free time and that is just wrong.
Again, what I do in my free time, in my home is none of your business.
At this point in my life most of the damage can not be repaired and I may very well suffer from diseases caused by smoking whether I quit or not.
I do have issue with doctors telling people like my Mom, who quit 20 years ago, that her problems are caused by smoking.  (Western medicine is called a practice for a reason)

I do believe it is unconstitutional to insist that a person stop doing something that is legal to get or keep their job. If we allow this to continue, who knows what is next.

You can be damn sure that if they start testing for one of the more dangerous drugs out there, alcohol, there would be an uprising of news worthy proportions.

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