Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ohio Passes Weak Anti-Bullying Bill - Are You Suprised?

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On Monday, the Ohio Senate Education Committee approved the Jessica Logan Act, an anti-bullying bill designed to encourage stronger anti-bullying training from school districts and crack down on bullying in schools.
The problem, however, is that the bill doesn't specifically delineate the real or perceived characteristics of students that are protected by the bill. Race, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity are not listed as characteristics that are consistently bullied. Language in the bill that had previously included this information was stamped out while the bill was discussed in committee on Monday.
Equality Ohio, the state LGBT organization, took issue with the removal of the language:
Equality Ohio is very disappointed that enumeration was not included in the bill. Academic studies and empirical evidence demonstrate that enumeration is critical to a strong anti-bullying policy. ... Students who attend schools with enumerated policies are harassed far less often for reasons such as their physical appearance, their sexual orientation or their gender expression; are less likely than other students to report a serious harassment problem at their school; and are 50% more likely to feel very safe at school.
Now, Equality Ohio and other organizations are pushing for the passage of a new, stand-alone bill to officially enumerate the Jessica Logan Act. Let's hope it passes so that we can actually celebrate the state's anti-bullying legislation as something worthwhile.

Why would anyone EVER think removing protections from any group/minority think it is a good thing!?
People are stupid and politicians know this. If you don't spell it out they don't understand.
But then that is supported by real science as in Academic studies and empirical evidence.
Do they really believe that these minorities no longer need protection?
Why were these groups removed?
Do they realize removing them from the list is equal to permission to bully?
With all the statistics coming in about who is bullied most and at the most risk, why would they remove these much needed protections?
This is not an anti-bullying act. This is giving permission to bully those at most risk.
I lived in Ohio for 49 years and while it is dangerous to be gay, I would not want to be a person of color or disabled there.
 I worked in inner city schools and rural farming communities. I worked with kids with every kind of mental and/or physical challenges. It is a sad state of affairs and now they just gave permission to bully all of us.
I am soooooo glad I moved far away.

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