Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Is Coming For You - Plus My Thoughts

I saw this at this morning. Read first, then we will chat.

"Mr. Obama is a militant secularist. His aim is to purge religion from the public square, forcing it to retreat into the private sphere - making it nothing more than a personal lifestyle choice. He wants us to leave our faith at the door when engaging in civic life. Yet religion is natural to human beings. The only way radical progressives can forge a secular social order is through a repressive state.

"The Obama administration is eroding the First Amendment, assaulting the conscience rights and religious liberties of Catholics and waging a relentless campaign to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian values. Catholics must engage in civil disobedience. Otherwise, Mr. Obama will succeed in dismantling our republic. Today, he is coming for us. Tomorrow, it will be you." - Radio host Jeffrey Kuhner, writing for the Washington Times.

PREVIOUSLY: Kuhner also says that homosexuality will destroy human civilization.
I believe everything in the first paragraph minis the word "radical".
I believe that is what the separation of church and state is about.
Our freedom of speech is not in question otherwise the Westboro Baptist Church would not be allowed to show up screaming God hates everyone.
Our freedom to worship is not an issue otherwise our country would not be dotted with every kind of religious houses of worship.
What we can not allow is any one religion to govern over a diverse secular population.
Faith is fine, Religion is fine. It is also something someone chooses. Yes, choosing to believe something and follow those beliefs is a freedom we all enjoy. Or is it?
In the comment section an unknown person made a good point...
"Is it always? Most people are brainwashed into it as children so are never really given a choice. Most seem incapable of extricating themselves from it for a number of reasons. It's like hooking children on sugar-coated, nictotine-gum and then saying their smoking as adults is just a lifestyle choice when the reality is far more insidious.

I sort of wonder sometimes if the behaviour of these people in trying to push religion into everything is the same as that of a junky trying to make sure he can get a hit on every street corner."
I think this person nailed it.  I also think it goes hand in hand with the new study, done by researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, finds that those with low intelligence gravitate towards conservatism and are prone to embrace prejudice of things they don't understand or that are different.
Is fear and ignorance a choice? NO.
Granted if a person has a low IQ, they may not make the best choices but it does not mean they can not learn about the options available to choose from. Fear stems from ignorance.
Lets see if I understand all this...
A few smart people who have been "indoctrinated" from birth feel the need to "indoctrinate" and/or take advantage of those who are less likely to make their own choices for reasons stated above.
They often refer to them as "sheep of their flock".
They refer to a holy book in which they "choose" what passages they will live by and teach/preach to the flock.
Some of them teach/preach one thing but live another. For example: Gay is bad but I am gay. Adultery is bad but I cheat on my spouse. Drinking is bad but I just got a DUI.
Some of the rules in the holy book have to do with food and clothing but they ignore those all together.
Any infraction by the "sheep" is looked down on so one of 3 things have to happen.
1. The misguided sheep must change their ways even if they can't like being gay.
2. They must repent before their leader and ask for forgiveness with the promise to never do it again.
3.Or they could just leave. This is an option that is never discussed among the sheep.
For some faiths, leaving means to never speak to any flock member again.
Now this kind of hold on the "flock of sheep" does give one a sense of power which can drive them to want the rest of the people to live under their chosen beliefs. They believe this so strongly that they are willing to say anything to make everyone else look very bad. This includes ignoring scientific studies and facts.
Yes I do believe that faith/religion should not be part of the diverse secular law.
Secular law has to cover everyone regardless of their beliefs.
Calling for Catholics to engage in civil disobedience is promoting one "flock" to push their chosen beliefs on to the secular population. I don't think they really want to do that in light of the problems and issues with the Catholic Church.
As for Kuhner also saying that homosexuality will destroy human civilization, well......
I guess he is not a student of history because we have been here all along and will continue to be part of the human experience for the remainder of time humans will exists. I can say with certainty that human civilization will not be destroyed by us LGBT's. In fact, we have improved the human experience. They just refuse to learn or see what we have done. Yet.
Poor sheep.

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