Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh God! Another Pile of Crap from the Catholic Church

In the last few days there have been an assortment of announcements from the Catholic Church.

First was this piece of work;

"The Hartford Archdiocese wants gays and lesbians to practice abstinence in the new year. On Tuesday, the archdiocese announced it was launching a local chapter of a national ministry called Courage "to support men and women who struggle with homosexual tendencies and to motivate them to live chaste and fruitful lives in accordance with Catholic Church teachings." In a press release, the archdiocese stated that its Office of Diaconate director, Robert Pallotti, had been working to establish an area program for more than four years. The Courage ministry is based in Norwalk, led by the Rev. Paul Check of the Bridgeport Diocese, and claims to have more than 100 chapters around the country. Gay attraction is not the sin, the ministry preaches — only when one acts on those feelings is it immoral."

I am supposed to ignore my feelings, live a lonely life, no family or children. That is asking a lot of a person. And for what? Because of what they interpret from a book I don't follow?
Besides, that does not seem to be working very well for quite a few members of their cult.

Then came this announcement;

"An assistant bishop of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles has resigned because he has a secret family, including two teenage children. The Vatican said on Wednesday that Pope Benedict had accepted the resignation of Gabino Zavala, an auxiliary bishop of the diocese which has been plagued by sexual scandals. A brief Vatican announcement did not give the reason for Zavala's resignation, saying only that the pope had accepted it under the norm in canon (Church law) that says a bishop who is ill or otherwise unfit to carry out his duties should resign."

Here is a guy acting on his natural urge to love and procreate with a woman. He has been in a long term relationship, raised 2 children and continued to do his job. What I find to be laughable is he has had to hide like us queer folks. He lost his job . He was not abusing alter boys.

The Catholic Church will hide and move around known child molesters and dump a ton of money on the National Org. for Marriage to fight everything LGBT, but fires a man for practicing what he preaches.

Why anyone supports this religion is beyond me. Do what I say and not as I do?

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