Thursday, April 28, 2011

And how do African-Americans feel about this 'birther' mess?

This comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Alvin McEwen owner of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.
I too think the whole birther thing would have never happened if Obama was white. I think it is disgusting that all this time a valid legal document was not good enough for some folks and now those same folks are going to pour our this legal doc. and try to find fault.
I feel the same way about Trump as the young man in this video and I hope he breaks his arm patting himself on the back. He is nothing but an arrogant, rich, white ASS.

Granted, the media will probably never ask the African-American community how we feel about this birther mess, but I can safely say that this young man, Baratunde Thurston, pretty much sums it up not only for me but a wide majority of black folks:

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