Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day is Against the Bible?

I saw this at and had to look up some more info about why some think that caring for our Earth is anti-Biblical. There is lots of extreme evangelicals saying it is bad but no scientific facts as to why. Surprise !

I have had conversations with people over the years who truly believe that God made the Earth for Us to do with as we see fit. Good so far.....
These same people also believe that if we use up resources and/or cause the extinction of plants and animals it is Gods will and therefore OK.  Not good.

I am also aware that every issue has it's share of extreme views and that includes environmentalism. I have found that any "extreme" views tend to twist facts and scientific studies to their benefit. I will keep my happy balance, thank you.

Now I have been a "Tree Hugger" since the first Earth Day and see nothing wrong with managing the waste we humans create so we do not interfere with the balance of our ecosystem to which we are a part. We are still just creatures on this rock who need air, water, and food to survive. Because we are very smart creatures, we have learned to do many things and have created some very dangerous things that can and have bumped that balance.

We recycle cans and newspapers. Most of my art is created from recycled materials. We try to keep our truck in good shape and even though I complain about the emissions tests that are mandatory in Maryland, I do know it is a good thing.
Having been both a Girl Scout and Boy Scout ( Story for another time ) as well as a Pagan for 30 years, I leave any area I am at in better shape that I found it. I do not throw trash on the ground, including cigarette butts. We plan out shopping trips so we are not running around and walk when we can.
I care about the air, water, food supply, and the other creatures that I share the Earth with and do what I can to respect their needs and space.
I hope the God and Goddess are happy with my efforts.

Here are samples of what the extreme Right thinks. Keep in mind that the first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. It went international in 1990. Did this guy just wake up?

"Are you kidding me, Earth Day in the schools? We've got to save the Earth? I mean, that's like a tick trying to save a whole heard of cattle. I mean, ticks go along for the ride, they don't manage the cattle, they don't tell them where to go. And that's our arrogance in thinking that we can do something to save the planet and control where the planet goes. You know, we're just along for the ride and we're insignificant peons on this thing." - Dominionist David Barton, who says that environmentalism is "anti-Biblical."

This video would be funny if not for the sheeple that believe it.

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