Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'll Take the Short Road Please - Commentary on DOMA Defence

The last 2 days have brought many changes to how the Defence of Marriage Act ( DOMA ) will be defended. There are very strong feelings about DOMA on both sides but only one will win.

The short history;

Several court cases have had DOMA declared unconstitutional.

 President Obama and the Department of Justice (DOJ) decided they were no longer going to defend section 3 of DOMA because they believe it is also unconstitutional. The President did not break any law, did not breach his promise as president, and did not do anything that has not been done before.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner gets his panties in a bunch and forms a group to continue to defend this discriminatory law. (This is the same guy who helped cause the Smithsonian to remove a piece of art from a privately funded exhibit and has suggested cutting all funding to the arts as part of the budget cuts.)

This group decides they will take the funds to defend DOMA from the DOJ because it is what the DOJ should be doing. Its all tax payers money to me.

They hire outside lawyers instead of in house attorneys. The firm  they want, King and Spalding, is headed by Paul Clement. Part of the deal was not just a minimum of 500,000 dollars but a gag order on the whole firm about anything pro-gay.

After quickly pointing out that King and Spalding has LGBT employees covered by a non-discrimination clause in their contract , the offices are located in areas also covered by non-discrimination laws, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gave them a good rating, even a bunch of lawyers know when to back out.

Paul Clement quit King and Spalding to take the job of defending DOMA. He has now hooked up with another firm who, just a guess here, does not care that they are fighting to defend discrimination.

This is as far as I got late last night. I read at least 12 blogs, many award winners, and follow links to everywhere in the web, including a host of right wing sites, to collect info as well as read the comments to get an idea of what people really think. People do tend to be pretty honest about their comments thanks to the anonymity of the web.

The way I see this whole thing with DOMA is..............here we go!......

Poll after Poll has shown that 50% of the USA thinks we should get the government recognition for our legal marriages. DOMA has been found unconstitutional time after time and even the President of the United States believes this as well.
Defending any part of DOMA is not only condoning discrimination against a minority group but it is against other Americans who are just the same  with the one exception of orientation.

Even though the Prop8 tapes have not been released, the transcript is as well as reenactments. I have read and seen every part. The opposition to gay marriage failed to come up with much. They found they can't lie in court like they do everywhere else. All but one witness dropped out and the only one they were able to call agreed with the facts and did damage to their case.

There really is no way to defend anti-gay marriage. Why on earth are we as taxpayers allowing our money to be spent on defending a bad law.? I am sure that much money could be used for so many other worth while things to benefit everyone.

I would say that a high percentage of the LGBT population feel that we need to let this play out. Let them bad mouth us, tell lies, twist the facts, and spend everything they have. People are beginning to understand that they are full of shit. They are tired of the lies and it pushes them toward the truth. They lose and they are broke after spending every dollar giving people jobs. ( Is this what Boehner and the GOP ment by creating jobs? Giving great gobs of cash to a few already well off people to fight a lost cause?)
I can see that. The long road has been our path since the first group was formed. The problem with that is all the suffering and lose along the way.
New laws are not going to stop the beatings, deaths, suicides, and other abuses that happen between 2 individuals but they will put a stop to it in business, medicine, and education. Over time it will get better but not as long as we have groups and leaders wasting time fighting for discrimination.

I am tired of the long road. I have had enough of waiting to see if some ass is going to take away my marriage. I am sick of reading that a barn full of horses was burnt down just because the man that owned them is gay. Every suicide of a child rips at my soul.
Attending rallies to show support for a person who was brutality beaten for who she is is a sobering experience.

I am ready for the short road.

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