Saturday, April 23, 2011

MARYLAND: Trans Woman Brutally Attacked At Baltimore McDonald's

I have several Transgender friends and find myself holding my breath when they use a public restroom because of this kind of barbaric behavior from people who should just mind their own business. I hope everyone involved, from the bitches that beat her up to the staff that did Nothing to the Ass who recorded it, all suffer for their part in this inhumanity.
This is why we need laws to protect our LGB and T friends and family.

I can relate to the struggle over my gender identity. Not that I wish to change my gender but I tend to be rather ambiguous in appearance. I have been called "Sir" many, many, many times. I have been asked to leave the Lady's room on several occasions and heard the whispers about my gender while washing my hands. ( I can hear you and often see you stare in the mirrors.) Once an older woman threatened to get security when I refused to leave, in an art gallery in Cleveland of all places. It happens almost everywhere I go and it does not seem to make a difference if I am in a ball cap and jeans or a nice summer dress. People look, whisper, and question.
For the most part, I could care less what people think and let it roll off my back. You get a think skin over the years to shield yourself from insults but nothing can prepare or shield you from a physical attack.

There is NO excuse for what happened to this young lady.
This is hard to watch.

Click here for the story and video

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