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House Republicans working to end DC's marriage law

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Posted byJoe Sudbay (DC)
The Republicans just can't quit their legislative gay-bashing.

They're taking aim at DC's marriage law. Can't say we expected this to happen:
Jim Jordan, chairman of the 176-member Republican Study Committee, is leading an effort by conservatives to press House leaders for floor votes in opposition to gay marriage.

Jordan’s first project is a draft proposal that would set up a referendum to overturn a year-old District of Columbia law recognizing marriages of gay and lesbian couples. The move comes as conservatives express a desire to move beyond a focus on spending cuts and expand the House majority’s legislative agenda to include social issues.
Yep, there are few things these hard-core right-wingers like more than legislative gay-bashing. And, it's red meat for some of the GOP nuts who are running for President:
There is little doubt that the social policy measures Jordan and the RSC have in mind would face strong opposition in the Democrat-controlled Senate and in the White House. Still, the idea of promoting such an agenda is gaining traction among House conservatives and possible GOP presidential aspirants, including former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., founder of the House’s Tea Party Caucus.
I sure hope Fred Karger is going to be on the stage when the GOP presidential candidates debate these issues.

The trendline is pretty clear. More and more Americans support equality. And, that's especially true for younger voters. But, these GOPers are addicted to homophobia.

Over at Equality Matters, Carlos Maza notes that this focus on gay-bashing is causing headaches for the GOP House leaders -- and exposing the real intentions of the teabaggers:
It’s becoming painfully clear that for many Republican lawmakers, the 2010 promise to focus on economic issues was little more than a Trojan horse for an anti-LGBT agenda most Americans would never have endorsed.
These right-wingers will probably force a House vote on this issue. We'll be watching that very closely. Very closely.

"GOPers are addicted to homophobia" no truer words written.

I am sick of the lies from the GOP. They said they were going to work on jobs and are doing everything but.  They said they stand for smaller government but have done nothing but argue huge national issues like abortion and gay rights.

Tami and I were married in DC on May 10, 2010 and I'll be damned if anyone will take it back!
Not only is my marriage granted by the District of Columbia but by the Congress of the United States of America as well.

My paperwork is the SAME as everyone else's. My thoughts and feelings about marriage are the SAME as everyone else's. I want the SAME rights, privileges, and responsibilities as everyone else.

DC has made it very clear that civil rights are not up for a public vote from the beginning. They also did not fall off the face of the earth nor did they burst into flames because we got married.

Actually, nothing has changed outside of our security and commitment to each other.
My neighborhood is still intact, no natural disasters here. No one is getting divorced and those kids with Moms and Dads still have them. In fact, a new baby was born with a Mom and Dad and all are doing well. I am still a legal stranger to my wife on a federal level. In fact Tami was FORCED to lie on her income taxes by marking SINGLE instead of Married and I am claimed as a dependant instead of Spouse.

While the state of Maryland says they view us as married, it does not count for much. So many of the state programs are funded by the feds and they have to abide by federal laws, we are still seen as SINGLE.

All over the country, states are debating recognition of same-sex relationships. Each time it come up for debate they are assaulted by out of state Hate Groups that vomit up lies, junk science, and the same tired Bible verses. Usually after the shrimp cocktails while wearing their poly blend suits. Take a good look at the size of so many of the Hate Mongers. Gluttony is a deadly sin they ignore as well.

The GOP has done NOTHING toward the goals the said they would reach. Instead they are busy trying to monitor who and why a woman wants an abortion or to continue the discrimination of the LGBT population. These are not SMALL government issues. They say that the states should have the right to decide these issues but the GOP in the states are sucking up the vomit from the Hate Groups like candy.

My home state of Ohio is in DEEP s**t because of the GOP. Ohio and Wisconsin have people protesting in the streets over job security. These states and many more are adding and/or amending their constitutions to DISCRIMINATE against LGBT people. ALL this does is HURT GAY FAMILIES.

We exist. We have always existed and will continue to exist. Discrimination is Unconstitutional and UN AMERICAN.

Do me a favor. When you hear a lie, call the lier on it. Do not allow lies to rule you city, state, or country. When an ELECTED PUBLIC offical does not do what they said they were going to do and/or lies about anything, stand up and say something!  We sign their payckecks. ( Most make more than they deserve.) They are supposed to work for everyone. Not just some.
They are suppost to work toward the greater GOOD FOR ALL. Not just for some.

Discrimination in any form hurts EVERYONE.

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