Saturday, April 16, 2011

Maggie Gallagher Gets GetEqual Anita Bryant Award- Awesome!

Just in case Delaware's passage of civil unions legislation has Maggie Gallagher down in the dumps, GetEqual has given her something to look forward to! At today's congressional hearing about marriage equality, the direct action group's members bestowed their first "Anita Bryant Unparalleled Bigotry Award" Anita-Bryant-Pie.jpgon the anti-gay crusader. In a press release the group says:
"In presenting this award to Ms. Gallagher, we are recognizing the bigotry that she has pioneered over the past few years - malice that has put her ahead of the pack in the world of professional bigots who draw a paycheck each day from the hatred they stir up among the 'radical right' wing of the American public," said Robin McGehee, director of GetEQUAL. "At a time when Americans overwhelmingly support marriage equality it takes a very special person like Ms. Gallagher to stand up and fight for discriminations and bigotry. It's gratifying to be able to draw attention to the unrelenting hatred that Ms. Gallagher and others at the National Organization for Marriage have been contributing to American life."
At the Congressional hearing, GetEQUAL was able to present Ms. Gallagher with an award certificate, which will be accompanied at a later date with a prize in honor of the award's namesake - a cream pie.
GetEQUAL will deliver the pie prize during a future public appearance by Ms. Gallagher, to ensure that she is able to celebrate the award publicly, in front of an audience. The exact moment of delivery is unknown at this time.
Anita Bryant, of course, was the anti-gay leader from the mid-70s who was famously hit in the face with a banana cream pie on television by four gay activists. If I were Gallagher, I'd keep my eyes open for flying pastries. Video of Bryant getting pied after the jump.

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