Monday, April 4, 2011

Mash Up of News Links

This is a few things I ran across while looking for something fresh for Monday.  They come from many different sites. Some I read regularly and some I just visit now and then. Enjoy.

The "It Gets Better Book" is tied for 15th place on the bestseller list!!

No more saggy pants for Arkansas school children. I think it is about time. As a teacher, I was over looking at the butt crack and colorful undies of the young men as well as the Umpa Lumpa look and walk. I also think skin tight clothes with crap like "Daddys Baby Girl" across the young girls butt is inappropriate.

The powerful voice of Howard Stern is a great piece. Howard is heard by millions and is making a difference. Thank you Howard.

Damian Furtch's Attacker, Anthony Bray, Says He's Gay Too

The question is, can a gay man be charged with a hate crime against another gay man?

I ask, Can a ______ person be charged with a hate crime against another ______person?

‘Don’t Ask’ repeal could be certified mid-summer. I think it is taking way to long for this to go into effect. It is interesting that we now know for sure that persons were being discharged for no other reason except they are gay.

As Smithsonian Continues to Duck Controversy, PFAW Report Draws Lessons On How Not to Respond to Political Bullies. Great piece on how NOT to respond to bullies.

When you watch this, remember that the Manhattan Declaration asked that you sign a pledge to discriminate against gays even if it is against the law. The Ex-Gay app was published by a group that says gays can change, will take your money, treat you like shit, and do harmful damage. Gays can NOT change any more than Str8s can.

Lets end on a warm and fuzzy.. The Rescue and Return of Mans best friend.

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