Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laurie Higgins: Basic respect for gays should invoke 'righteous anger'

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"When I think about the evil done to children by teachers who tell them that homosexuality is deserving of respect and affirmation, I become angry, and I desperately want others to experience the righteous anger that should well up in decent people who see young children taught that evil is good. We do not embody the love of Christ when we remain silent while body and soul-destroying lies are being affirmed to and in children, teens, and adults."
"Our depraved, carrion-devouring culture swoops down and offers them the bleakly deterministic lie that they were born homosexual. They are told that acting on homosexual impulses is a moral good. They are told that refusal to act on such impulses is an act of futility that will result in utterly unfulfilled, lonely lives. And they are told that anyone who dissents from those claims hates them."

-Illinois Family Institute's Laurie Higgins

It is kind of funny how people like this can go on and on about something they don't know a thing about. I am guessing they can't read the FACTS so they just make them up. It is crap like this that puts orgs. like this on a hate list.
I feel sad for her. I don't hate her. I do hate the lies that she vomits up.

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  1. I like your blog! Every person is unique, we should always respect that. The choices we make for ourselves shouldn't be made by others...Daniel