Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video Interview with the Victim

From the Baltimore Sun. This is the 22 year old girl that was beaten up at the McDonald's.

The 2 girls were arrested, one is only 14,and the guy who taped the beating has been fired.
Actions against other staff is pending.
McDonald's has issued a statement.
Several news programs and the Sun are digging up past records of  VICTIM. WTF does her past have to do with her getting beat up!? How about the records of the CRIMINALS!

It has been pointed out that more is being made of this being a race issue than a transgender issue and why. The general population does not think or see the violence or bullying of LGBT people and the news tries to downplay the problem so most are jumping to race without thought.

The interview indicates neither was the cause of the fight.

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  1. As for the reason behind the beating... it didn't start out because of her gender identity but that's how it ended. A man approached her, she shooed him away, then his girlfriend asked the woman if she was “trying to talk to her man”. It was then that the woman and her friend realized that Chrissy was not a cisgender woman but is a transgender woman. That's when the vicious beating filled with hate-speech ensued. It took the two girls a minute to realize that this person who was supposedly trying to "get her man" was trans. This is definitely a hate crime.