Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dancing in a Cesspool?

The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) has a so called news program. This is no more news than FOX . This is their commentary on Chaz Bono  and Dancing With The Stars

First, Chaz has every right to dance. DWTS is about dancing and nothing more. Carson is very popular and will be dancing. For some of us, it may see odd that Carson will be dancing with a woman but then lots of male dancers are gay.

Second, why is it OK for young male Christians to watch a show full of half naked women dancing provocatively but not OK to watch 2 grown men who's orientation just happens to be known dancing with them? If no one knew anything about them it would not be an issue.

That is the thing. It is OK if you are in the closet and dance but not OK if you are out and dancing. The Dance does not care if you are LGBT or not. Only that you dance.

As for reading or watching OLD stuff, you better do some research before hand. So many movie stars and writers were gay and Goddess forbid you find out that you had just enjoyed something by a gay artist.

Then there is the issue of reinforcing outdated gender stereotypes. This is 2011 people not 1950. Things and people change. While the 50's had great music, it also was oppressive to women and any person of any color as well as LGBTs. It was a white mans world then.

Not now! Thank goodness. Now women and men in the wonderful rainbow that is human have less restrictions and more rights. The LGBT population has ALWAYS been here and are stepping out to shine their light on the dance floor as well. Deal with it!

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