Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Back!

For the last week I have been house sitting for a friend while her and her husband go on vacation.
I have had a relaxing if not slightly boring time. I also have not been at my computer but using a laptop.

A laptop is good for so many things but it is NOT mine nor does it have a mouse. There is a wireless mouse that does not work well and after the first day of trying to work with it I just packed it up.

I am not a fan of the TINY touch pad. I have fat fingers that are calloused and, thanks to nerve issues, numb.  All of the above makes copying large chunks of text or most anything a drag. (Pun) and not in a good way. ( Cheers to all the Drag Queens and Kings everywhere!)

Therefore I have not been able to share what I feel is important, interesting, or funny for the last week.

I got home last night to my house full of people and animals and went into overload. I had just spent a full week alone with 1 very lazy dog named Hunter. It was a controlled environment of smoke free, cat free, and noise free space. I smoked on the deck under an umbrella for most of the week.

Some things I missed and others I did not, but over all I am glad to be home and I front of MY computer.

I am going to go play some games now......I LOVE my Track Ball!

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