Thursday, September 8, 2011

GetEqual protests GOP presidential debate - Plus a few thoughts

Posted byJohn Aravosis at America  Blog Gay

I only copied 2 parts of the article. If you wish to read the full piece, click on the link above.

Dan Fotou, GetEQUAL activist, states, “Republican candidates need to be reminded that they have the power to make a difference. Their party platform has, time and again, used the LGBT community for political theater to maintain their bigotry. What they fail to realize is the real impact their words carry – words that can result in death.”

"Every Presidential candidate, regardless of party affiliation, is responsible for the safety and care of Americans,” GetEQUAL activist Michael McKeon says. “It's shameful that Governor Rick Perry refused to sign the Texas anti-bullying bill into law until all references to LGBT youth were removed – including the name of the young man, Asher Brown, for whom the law was to be named. In a state in which he and the GOP platform are calling for the criminalization of homosexuality, it's no wonder that the safety of our community is at great risk."

It is scary that almost every GOPer has signed an anti-gay pledge with a Hate Group and or follows the creepy Dominionist David Barton who knows "God does not approve homosexuality,  He does not approve those who do approve of homosexuality."

If you insert any other minority into the what is being said or what they want to do to us, Americans would be up in arms. But because it is about those filthy queers, it's OK?

Please pay attention to what the candidates are saying about Gays. Please listen to how it is all about jobs, smaller government, and the economy after they take away every right and protections we have as citizens.
Do you really want a President who will strip away freedoms from your friends and family?

It is clear that religion and politics do not mix and to vote for anyone who will openly discriminate against their own people for a personal religious belief should not be in office.

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