Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hate Groups Agree: Lock Gays Up

Checked out this afternoon and this is on his site today. I have copied his commentary and will add mine below.  All the links marked Labels will take you to Joe's great library of articles and video for more information on why this 2 men are heads of Hate Groups. Thanks Joe!

In the below clip, Peter Sprigg and Bryan Fischer distort the example of a bisexual woman who wrote "I choose to be gay" in a blog post. Which is their victorious proof that millions and millions of people are collaborating in the lie that they are born gay. And even though Sprigg allows that people are "born with same-sex attraction," both he and Fischer have previously advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality. They are NOT hate groups! They just want you imprisoned, tortured, brainwashed, or dead.

RELATED: All the major GOP candidates will appear at the FRC's Values Voters Summit later this year. Apparently they have ZERO problem speaking before a group whose president has ties to the KKK and white supremacist groups.
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These men and their kind are LIERS! They twist the truth as well as flat out lies to millions of listeners everyday. They have done it in court and have the GOP in their pocket. This should scare the S**T out of you.
They are making a mountain out of a mole hill with one person's story.
There are women that "choose" to live as a lesbian for many reasons. Mostly because some man or men did some very bad things to them and can not trust them. I have found that to be rare. The millions of other LGBT's will tell you they were born this way and ask why fight it.
The men in this video can not have done any real studies or know any gay people because they would not feel the way they do if they had. They do agree that we have attractions but are insisting that we do not act on them. Well F you!
I was born a lesbian. I have been lesbian for as long as I can remember. It has been very hard growing up in the late 6o's/early 70's not knowing what was going on. There was no one to talk to, no groups for kids, no Internet, and no one on TV. I did not have a word for my feelings until I was in high school and did not come out until I was 22. My brothers took it OK and Mom was hoping it was just a phase for a long time. They are all good now. ( Love you more Mom. )
My father is one of them. He does not like that I am gay and would rather see me alone and miserable than happily married.
I was born this way and I am not going to behave in any manner that harms anyone including myself. I will not pretend I am something I'm not just to make other people comfortable. I choose to behave as my core orientation/attractions/nature guide me.
I am the same as every other person except I fell in love with a woman instead of a man.
I have a great life with a great woman. I am happy.

To judge a person based on one of a hundred qualities and the one thing has NOTHING to do with you or how they otherwise live their lives, is a sign of a small mind. Only a small mind and heart would take that one thing and turn it into a battle of  truth/tolerance/understanding/inclusion VS lies/twisted studies/misinformation/hate.

These guys are fighting hard and have the funds ( some are secret ). They are spreading their filth everywhere. TV, phones, and mail.  They come in to a state and do everything they can to flood the media. They contact churches and lie to anybody they can about LGBT's. 

It is the mission of myself and my site to inform my readers of what is going on in this "war". If you know anyone that is L,G,B or T, you know what they are saying is a lie.
Tell your friends and family the truth.
 Get out and vote.
Speak up when you hear discrimination of any kind.

Do not be a small mind.

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