Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Solving Our Money Issues

This morning I was reading about the impending collapse of the Post Office.
Suggestions for solving the problems was cut back on days and more cost to the consumer.

I don't think cutting days or charging more for services will change anything. The more they charge, the less businesses will use them. Cut days and the letter carriers will lose income.

The whole country is in this mess because we keep charging more and more for the same services to the point no one can buy or use them. Medical costs in the US is many times higher than other countries for the same products and services. The prices of everything keep going up until what? $20.00 for one loaf of bread?

Not sure who said this but "The problems of today can not be solved by the mindset that caused them" or something like that.

I have some suggestions for fixing a few problem areas that would put money back into our economy.

How about we cut some cost by making pot legal and change the failing drug war. Billions are spent each year and it just keeps getting worse. Even the DEA says it is not working. Regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. Other countries have done it and make good models for us to copy and use. Some have even seen a decline in over all drug use after making it legal.

Start taxing churches on income and property. The IRS needs to be more vigilant about yanking tax exemptions from churches that want to play politics. Because religion is a personal choice and we live in a diverse country, I as a pagan do not feel my taxes should be used to subsidize others religious houses of worship. The Catholic church rakes in plenty to pay taxes. Maybe if they were paying off a big tax bill instead of lawyers they would quit harboring perverts.

Limit wages and benefits of elected offices and make them live under the same rules they make for us. Limit retirement benefits too. For the amount of real work that most congressmen and women do, they are over paid. They should get the same cost of living increases that we all get and no more. I can't listen to some fat ass bitch about the economy but vote himself a raise that would choke a horse.
They should have to pay the same as every American for the same health care. I bet the cost of health care would go down quickly.

Make it legal to get prescriptions filled outside the country. Why should I have to pay so much more here when I can get it at a more reasonable cost ANYWHERE else? Pharmaceutical companies are making a mint in this country.

Tax the crap out of imports from American owned companies so we start buying Made in America instead. Our government has all but pushed companies out. So it is cheaper to make it over seas but you charge the same for the product here? Don't think so. Add a huge tax to their product and people WILL quit buying it.
It is not like Americans are not aware of the sweat shops and kids making products for next to nothing yet we gladly fork over $150.00 for a pair of shoes that only cost the company $10.00 to make.

Tax everyone the same. No loop holes and no deductions for any donations. If you earned it, pay it. If you want to give some away, fine but not as a write off. If every person and company paid what they owed, the money for the common goods and services would go up and taxes could go down.

So lets recap:
Legal pot = happier, less violent people, lots of new tax income and less on drug war. ( That money could be used to help those who do bad drugs like meth, crack, and the like.) More jobs.
Tax churches = lots more money for the coffers, church becomes self sustaining and can legally play politics.
Limit political wages and benefits = Have more realistic view of the country and make better judgments when making laws governing themselves.
Prescriptions filled outside the country = lower cost inside.
Taxing imports from over seas American companies = force people to to buy Made in America, inspire old companies to return or new companies to take over. More jobs.
Tax everyone the same = more money for common goods and services, more jobs.

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