Friday, September 2, 2011

Lawrence King Mistrial - BS !!!!

McInerney shot his 15-year-old gay classmate Lawrence King twice in the head at point-blank range in an Oxnard classroom in February 2008. There were 30 people who saw it happen.
There is no doubt  the 14 year old planned and carried out this execution. His reason? Lawrence made a pass at him and sent him a Valentine.

The defence team used "Gay Panic" as part of the reason for McInerney's actions as well as making him look like a victim.

Both came from troubled homes and both had adults fail to do their jobs.

King was gay and refused to be intimidated by bullies. He wore makeup and high heel boots to class.

McInerney was part of a white supremicy group and had access to guns.

The teacher knew of the problems but did not know how to handle them. She could not have imagined that this could happen.

The jury only diliberated 15 hours before coming to the conclusion that while they agree the crime was committed, they could not concure on the charges.

McInerney was being tried as an adult.

Hung jury = mistrial

I have 2 sons and was a teacher and scout leader for many years. A 14 year old boy is in conflict with himself and what is expected of him as a man everywhere he turns. Hormones are raging and sexual ID is forming. Hate was already instilled in this kid. He was indoctrinated in the truest form.
This does not give him the right or reason to kill.
 At 14, kids know what murder is. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. That he had the guts to pull the trigger, twice, says something about the kind of person he was, is, and could be again. This is a Hate Crime of the worst kind. I don't WANT to pay his way for the rest of his natural life but death is too kind. They should see that he never enjoys anything ever again. Nothing.  No TV or video games. No books. Not even a job. No understanding of accomplishment or purpose. No activity that brings satisfaction or joy. NEVER put back on the street. He knowingly took a life so he should fully forfeit his own.

"Gay Panic" is no excuse.

McInerney spoke about it to others, got a gun and ammo, took it to school and fired, twice, point blank.

Shame on the judge and jury. Now they have to start over and we will have to wait again before this adult is thrown in prison for life.

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