Friday, September 23, 2011

GOP Boo Soldier - My Thoughts and UpDate

 I think you should see what went on during the debate then we'll talk......

As President, you would not be able to just sign this back into law because you don't understand that being LGBT is sooooooo much more than sex.
The repeal of this hateful law does not give anyone special rights. There is a code of conduct that EVERY service member MUST follow and they ALL will.
If all you can think of is gay sex and the hopeful orgy after repeal, I suggest you see someone about that.
This man has no business becoming President for many other reasons but if this is how he feels about any part of of the people he wants to govern, it makes me wonder if and what other minority he wants to set back or strip rights from.
He is a very religious man and wants to rule the country based on the teachings of his faith.
I am not of the same faith. My friends are a mix of belief systems other than his.
The person who should lead our country should be more objective about all issues. Which means that they have to shun their personal beliefs and do what is best for the nation and all it's people.  It means you have to listen and learn about both sides to truly understand the issue, then do what is right and fair for your people.
I don't know if this man served this country but I am guessing not or he would not have disrespected a soldier. The crowd showed no respect for a man in uniform currently fighting for his country just because he was gay.
That is so sad. That a group of people would disrespect an active soldier and cheer at the possibility of reenacting an oppressive and discriminatory law to his face.
Mostly because they can't get passed their own smutty minds.


Well it seems that the disrespect was frowned upon and Santorum made this half assed apology.

"I condemn the people who booed that gay soldier. That soldier is serving our country, I thank him for his service to our country. I’m sure he’s doing an excellent job. I hope he is safe, and I hope he returns safely, and does his mission well. I have to admit, I seriously did not hear those boos. Had I heard them, I certainly would have commented on them. But as you know, when you’re in that sort of environment, you’re focused on the question and formulating your answer. And I just didn’t hear those couple of boos that were out there. But certainly, had I, I would have said that that was — I would have said, don’t do that, this man is serving our country, and we are to thank him for his service." - Rick Santorum, speaking on Fox News

Watch the video again and tell me if he heard the boos. He sure heard the cheers when he made it clear that he would kick the gays out again.
I join the choir when I say this is just back peddling BS.  He stepped in his own "Frothy Mix" and now has to clean up a mess.

Please sign on to the open letter by former Army Captains Tanya L. Domi, James E. Pietrangelo, II, Brenda S. "Sue" Fulton, Jonathan Hopkins, and former West Point cadet Katherine Miller
They are half way to their goal of 500,000. Sign the letter and send a note telling those who disrespected a fighting soldier and support discrimination that their behavior is UN-AMERICAN.

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