Friday, September 30, 2011

Is Being Gay a Gift From God?

This is the kind of mind set I escaped 3 years ago.
The first sign was reported on in April.
The second sign was in the news this morning.

All found at

This message is being displayed on an electronic billboard in Toledo, Ohio. The church has issued the below statement in support of their campaign.

This simple statement is intended to be a gift to those who have experienced hurt and discrimination because of their real or perceived sexual orientation. The Church seeks nothing less than the healing of the world, and Central UMC wants to offer words and acts of healing to those hurt and marginalized. Also, declaring that being gay is a gift from God is a prophetic call to the Church to get out of the business of marginalizing gay and lesbian persons from the Church, and to welcome them as full members.

"I took it all I could take it, and I couldn't take it anymore and I stood up. I'm a pastor, a pastor who loves his city. I've poured my life into this city. I feel like we're under attack from the forces of darkness that would really like to influence people with a message that is not from God's Word. We just stood up and said 'No, that's not true; we're not going to stand for that.'" - Pastor Tony Scott on his nine Toledo billboards denouncing gay people.

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