Monday, November 21, 2011

21 Years In Prison For Brandon McInerney


Teenage murderer Brandon McInerny has been sentenced to 21 years in prison in a plea agreement for the shooting of openly gay classmate Larry King.
Brandon McInerney, who was 14 when he pulled a gun out of his backpack and shot Larry King twice in the head in 2008, has already served nearly four years in jail and would be released by the time he is 38, under terms of the deal. "Larry had a complicated life, but he did not deserve to be murdered," the youth's father,Greg King, said after a court hearing Monday afternoon. McInerney’s first trial ended with jurors split between convicting him of voluntary manslaughter and first-degree murder. Several of the jurors have since spoken in favor of a plea bargain, in order to avoid a second trial. Prosecutors, in initially deciding to try McInerney a second time, had already dropped a key allegation that the shooting was motivated by a hatred of homosexuals, an accusation that several jurors in the original trial said they did not believe.

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That is fair I guess. There were many things to take into consideration. At least it is over now. Maybe Larry King can be at rest.

This is a sad story. LGBT people are attacked, robbed, vandalized, shot, and beaten to death EVERY DAY due, in a large part, to the people who continue to preach and teach lies to their kids. 
In part to the hate rants from unqualified "Professionals" over the airwaves and cable stations that get away with slander and defamation of a minority while hiding behind their chosen religion. If they spoke like that about ANY OTHER MINORITY, they would be shut down.

How about those quacks that take advantage of those who are depressed and confused by taking their money AND GOVERNMENT money to  "Cure" them.
The news media that continues to use these zealots are "Authorities" for "Balance" on any LGBT issues.

Where is your voice?
We know who is causing it and we are fighting them with all we have but where is the voices of those who just stand and watch.

Where are the churches that are inclusive? The Good people of faith need to speak up and make sure people know the difference between the two. The Bad ones use their holy books as weapons against others.
Where are the hoards of kids in the hallways when bullying is going on. Why is only when a kid kills himself do we hear from their friends about the amount of bullying they saw. Did they do anything! Why not! You were their friend? Jump in, get a teacher, start screaming, DO SOMETHING!

Where are the teachers? I was  a teacher for 10 years in every kind of school and classroom setting and it takes a BAD teacher to ignore or not notice bullying in the classroom or in the hall.  Shame on EVERY teacher that lets ANY bullying slide. It does not matter what it's about. Your JOB is to STOP the bully and make your room a safe place for EVERY child. Not just some.

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