Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Nation Under God for only $49.99 - My Thoughts

The sales pitch:
You give up things when you fly a Cross Spangled Banner. Things like atheism, sin, and corrupt politics. As Christians, America is our responsibility second only to the Lord. And America has forgotten God. This Christian flag of the United States is designed to do away with an arbitrary element: the star, which is proudly used, too, on the flags of China, North Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Somalia, Bosnia and, sadly, more like these. What better way for us to bless the very nation we have built with the one universal symbol of His virtue?

This is affront to every American!
Some of you may think I am not big on my country from the way I blog about the way it is run. Please make no mistake, I am a very patriotic American to the core. If I were not, I would not care about MY country.
 While I can not seem to find any law that clearly states what these fine folks have done to our flag is illegal, it is considered defamation of the flag.

I taught flag history and respect to thousands of  Cub Scouts as a leader and camp counslor. This was back before the government sanctioned the Boy Scouts of America's discrimination of  LGBT's.

The stars represent the 50 states and are NOT some "arbitrary element". I remember when Alaska became a state and the new flags became available. The whole country bought new flags in support of the new addition to our great nation and we were proud.

We were NOT founded on Christianity. We were founded on Religious Freedom. 2 very different things. Most of our founding fathers were NOT Christians. This is NOT a christian nation but one of diversity and struggling with inclusion and equality for ALL. NOT SOME.

To take the flag, a symbol of America, and deface it with a crosses instead of stars should be a crime.

I do NOT think we need to be reminded how much "God" plays into our daily lives. It is on every public building and printed on our money.  "God" was only added to our pledge and money in the late 50's and should be eliminated in order to remain diverse and inclusive.

I don't understand how we can have religious freedom, meaning the freedom to practice any religion, yet have all secular laws based only ln the Christian Bible? Kind of defeats the meaning of Religious Freedom does'nt it?

Shame on them for defacing our greatest national symbol and pushing their agenda of Christianity on the rest of us.

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