Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kardashian KRAP - Why I DON'T Feel Sorry for Her

After spending the night on our lumpy couch looking after our sick cat, I turn on Good Morning America to see the segment about the Kardashian divorce.
What a load of KRAP!
I have better things to do than watch "reality" TV (Whatever that is), so I have not been keeping up on the Kardashian's busy rich lives and loves. I do know that I don't have much sympathy for a wealthy family of seemingly spoiled kids and the way they blow money as if it were air.

My focus has been directed toward equality for all and the growing gap between us, the 99%, and them.

Well, I choked on my coffee when GMA wasted my time and theirs to spin the sad story of the the 10 MILLION dollar wedding that is ending after 72 days.
I'm sure I'm not the only person who is finding the whole thing an example of what is wrong in this country on 2 counts.

First, who in the hell NEEDS to spend that much money on a wedding?! Come on! 10 million is alot of money that could have been put to better use. Creating new jobs/business, improving educational programs, creating scholarships for at risk students, investing in the arts, or helping improve homeless/battered women shelters.
Yes, a wedding is a very important day for both parties but instead of blowing that kind of money, how about spending some time and effort on making sure it is the right thing to do in the first place.

Secondly, and I hate to repeat myself but,  how about spending some time and effort on making sure it is the right thing to do! 72 days?! In less than 3 months they are getting divorced?! That is not long enough to know anything about the true meaning of marriage. Hell, the honeymoon is not over yet.

I'm sure that comes with all the rights and responsibilities that marriage affords, unless you are a gay or lesbian couple of course. So now the lawyers will get richer and she will get alimony and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her sorry spoiled ass.

I think I will feel sorry for the peaceful protesters spending night after night in the cold while being abused by the police. The majority of whom are employed and still not making a living. Those who NEED to find a solution to the gaping hole between us and them.

I will feel sorry for the millions of LGBT folks and their families that are discriminated against at every legal turn and have to fight against the lies and hate that make it so hard to be treated with respect and dignity.
I will feel sorry for those couples who can't get married and those of us who can and did but it still means nothing legally.

When this spoiled rich brat has been without the money to do more than survive and has been with the same man for longer than the honeymoon, maybe I will feel sorry for her. Until then.......
Take your Kardashian Krap home and STFU.

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