Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Poem in Response to "The Reason for the Season?"

Twas 2 months before Solstice and all through the store
Clerks were all scurrying to sell more, more, and MORE!
Halls are all decked out in gold, red, and green while
Parents remind children not to be mean.
Samhains just over, Thanksgiving is near,
 The “Reason for the Season” the Christians make clear.
The fighting’s begun throughout the land
 Over what religion this season demands
We have Solstice, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and then
 Christmas, New Years, sometimes Ramadan is in.
Some are religious and some they are not.
 Sorry if some I might have forgot.
Some celebrate the birth of God’s son,  
Others welcome rebirth of the warm Sun.
Many light candles to count out the days
Of harvest or safe family. Prayers said so many ways.
For most of our history here in the US
Christians have told us they are the best.
For those of us who are not of their faith
Were resigned to be quiet and get out of their way.
They hogged all the glory throughout my childhood,
 Told us of no others, that was not good.
Now children know that other faiths are here
 And they all hold on to their beliefs just as dear.

So we’re teaching diversity and inclusiveness
Some Christians think the whole thing is a mess.
While I sit here safe from winters cold nip
I think some Christians need to get a grip
For the real reason for this time of year
Is for sharing and caring for all, far and near.
See, we are all humans on this tiny rock
And like it or not the clock goes tic tock
Time is too short and fighting’s not good
All over some books claiming they’re the true word?
The real truth in each heart is love and forgiving,
Hope and joy to this seasons beginning.
So be kind to your neighbor and strangers you meet
Be understanding of differences each time you greet.
Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings to one and all!
(Make something homemade and stay out of the mall.)

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