Friday, November 4, 2011

"In God We Trust"? - My Rant

 Yesterday, the party that preached JOBS< JOBS< JOBS worked real hard for their money by voting to keep "In God We Trust" as the nations motto.
Never mind that is has been since 1956 or that it is printed on all our money or that no one is trying to change it.
It's a tough job. So much so that they voted themselves one week of vacation for every 2 weeks they work. We the 99% pay for that ya know.

When are the republicans going to do anything?
They have filibustered more in the last 3 years than all other times combined. Stalling the government.
They have stuck their nose in every social issue when they said they would not. Is keeping track of every womb  or denying legally married couples federal recognition Small government?

They support discrimination in the constitution by fighting the repeal of DADT and the Speaker of the House, John Bonehead, is spending 1.5 million Taxpayer bucks fighting to keep DOMA based on the lies from Hate Groups. Good job John. You are a true credit to my home state of Ohio.

They have, so far,  not offered one person worthy of leading the country. Every candidate is blind to reality and science as well as needing to return to a high school history class. Plus, they all associate with known Hate Groups and several have signed a pledge to openly discriminate against gay people even if it means breaking the law. What did they serve at the Values Voters Summit? Tripe?
They all were disqualified the night they did nothing when the crowd booed an active soldier. But then this is the same crowd who cheered a dying man with no insurance. 

Hey Right! Cain's 999 plan is 666 upside down. LOL
Rick Perry's handlers need to check his testosterone because his true colors were trying to escape during his last speech. You go Girl friend!
The Bachmann's can go back to collecting federal funds for their "clinic" even though repairitive therapy is proven to be harmful and does not work. What does the AMA know anyway.

Yup, we have a bunch of real winners here and the real fight has not even started yet.
After the first of the year we all will be subjected to an onslaught of TV and radio ads as well as flyer's and those pesky robo calls bad mouthing each other for your vote.

Don't forget kids........... bullying is wrong.

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