Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To My Dear Readers, I've Been at This a Whole Year Now

My Dear Readers,

I was just thinking I had been at this blog thing a while and maybe should check to see when I started posting. You will be pleased to know I have been at this 1 full year and have posted 834 news and information pieces as well as commentary.

I began a blog as a way to pass information and cool stuff to friends and family because sending it through email was getting to be a chore. Little did I know what a commitment this was.

I have always been on top of what is going on in my gay world and things have been moving quickly this past year. My wife and I celebrated 6 years together. DADT is history as well as a host of other LGBT related good news too numerous to mention today. My mother turned 70 and still looks good, feisty too.

There have been setbacks for us too. DOMA is still in force and hurting families. Maryland has had to start the fight for marriage AGAIN. The wife's knee gave out and needed surgery but is doing much better now. We had an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. Thank Goddess we did not have near the problems others did. We gained a great roommate and I am learning alot about our transgender brothers and sisters. The world watched when Chrissy Polis was beaten at a McDees not far from our home and I got to give her a hug at Pride this last June.

When I began blogging, I copied from others news feeds and made little or no commentary. I still do that from time to time. Now I comment on most pieces and often discuss or rant at length.
There are times when I can't look at one more piece of bad news and wonder if anyone is reading or cares. Then I get a comment from a reader and it makes it all worth it.

I try to find funny stuff and I started the "Weekly Art" pages to keep up with the art work I find interesting. There are some very talented people in this world. There have been music videos that excited or touched me and amazing voices from children across the globe. I enjoyed finding all the holiday videos last December.

Because of the Internet news travels fast and far.  Nothing has escaped the fact that everyone has a camera so we have seen things that otherwise would not have been on the nightly news. We have seen images from this war that have made us weep and cheer. We are watching as Occupy Wall Street spreads across the globe and the way the authorities have handled it so far.  We have had count downs to the Rapture and count ups to the global population of 700 billion people. Thanks in part to the late Steve Jobs.

The world is smaller and people everywhere are demanding to be treated with respect for their diversity and hard work. We are demanding respect for our collective humanity.
Because of this, I will continue to write and post and bitch and spread the truth as I see it.

Thank you dear readers,

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