Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Letter to Jim Jordan

After blowing up and posting just how I feel about having my marriage and job attacked, I wrote this letter and just sent it to Mr. Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan,
I am an artist and legally married lesbian living in Maryland. For 49 years I was a resident of Ohio. Your proposed cutting of all funds for the arts and proposed banning of same sex marriage in DC directly affects my life.
While you may believe the arts are non-essential, it is my livelihood. Seven years of college and 15 years of creating and teaching art has shown me what an important part art is to the learning process and creative problem solving.  Cutting all federal funding will have an enormous impact on our children. Teaching and creating is not just a job and I can train for something else. It is who I am. 
As for banning same sex marriage in DC, I was married to a wonderful woman in our nation’s capital. You understand what that means and how it feels. I am a daughter, sister, mother, artist, wife, educated, teacher, patriot, spiritual, hard working, taxpaying American just like you and your friends and family.  Why on earth would you want to rob me of my marriage?
 Your lack of cultural enrichment and compassion for others hurts not just me. It hurts our nation as a whole. I pray that your life’s work and love are never attacked. How would you respond if someone wanted to rob you of your marriage and job? You would fight back.
 It is a shame I have to fight a fellow American to have the same rights and responsibilities, but I will.
You will not rob me of my marriage or my job.
Sincerely BJ  Jackson Lincoln

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  1. I completely agree! TY for your coverage of this article.