Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maryland Moves Toward Marriage Equality but......

While Equality Maryland is working hard for civil rights for the LGBT population, the conservative Christians are getting read for a fight.
The new bill will give LGBT couples the right to marry as well as give the religious freedom to those who do not wish to marry them in there place of worship.
I think that is fair, but I am bias. We are talking about secular rights . I do not wish to step on anyone beliefs but I don't see how gays getting married and have the same rights and responsibility's have to do with them.
I don't see how the meaning of marriage will change either. I hope it doesn't.
Finding that person you want to spend your life with and making a commitment in front of family and friends is something we all want.
I do not believe we should put it up to a vote for several reasons.
First, it would not be a fair vote in that alot of people don't vote.
Next, the wording of some of the questions can be tricky and often people vote the opposite of what they want.
Then, this is about an agreement with the government not a church. We are asking the government to treat us with the same rights and benefits as other couples. If our church wants to go with it fine. If a church doesn't want to, that is fine also.
Civil rights have almost never been put to a vote. If they had, we would still have slavery and woman could not vote.
We are not "imposing" anything on anybody. Marriage has been in the state of Massachusetts since 2006 and they are fine. The kids are fine and the state has not exploded or vanished. As a matter of fact they have one of the lowest rates of divorce in the nation.
Gay marriage will not stop str8s from getting married. They will not stop them from having kids or anything else.
Frankly, it is sad that both sides have to spend so much time and money to fight for something as simple as marriage when there are so many other real problems in the world that can use the money and energy we all put out.

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