Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shut Them Down !

I think we are not doing enough to shut NOM and other anti-gay hate groups down. While NOM has money, just saw their tax info, we have Orgs. the have money too. We need our orgs. like the HRC to put it to better use. As a blog reader and writer I know we have the power to sign all kinds of petitions and polls. Why cant we band together and flood NOMs web site with facts. NO HATE MAIL, just facts about our community. We have the power to keep their people very busy reading and deleting tons of mail and comments. If every person who reads this would go to NOM and make a comment Every day for say.....a week. They would have to shut down their server.  We can NOT think that HRC and other orgs. are going to do the job. 

The internet is great for putting the news and info out there but it can also be a tool for forcing sites to overload and shut down. Not all of us are able to go to a protest or march for many reasons so the internet is our only way to express ourselves. For those still in the closet this is a way for them to pitch in and help make a difference. Again, NO HATE, just the FACTS. We do NOT want to give them anything to use against us.

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